2005 Projects - NPS

Results of RM-CESU (NPS) Small Grants Prgram



Allendorf, Fred, Conservation genetics of the Yellowstone and Jackson bison populations and Glacier trout populations (Progress Report; Report-Bison)

Broberg, Len, Technical and Administrative Support for Crown of Continent Ecosystem Managers Partnership (Crown of the Continent Managers Partnership - view the forums for final report; 2005 forum summary-pdf copy)

Brown, Perry, Program Support for Rocky Mountains I&M Network and for RM-CESU Activities

Mast, M. Alisa and David W. Crow, Effects of 2003 wildfires on stream chemistry in Glacier National Park, Montana

Bahls, Loren, A Survey of Diatom Biodiversity in Glacier Natioanl Park

Brown, Perry, Support for Water Quality and Watershed Management Issues at Glacier National Park

Campbell, Greg, Intermountain Region ASMIS Condition Assessment Assistance

Campbell, Greg, Documenting & Inventorying Ethnographic Resources at Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Campbell, Greg, Program Support for the NPS National Historic Landmarks Program, Intermountain Region, and Rocky Mountain Cluster Parks

Campbell, Greg, Traditional Plant Use Study:Bent’s Old Fort NHS and Sand Creek Massacre NHS (Report: Table of Content; Ch 1; Ch 2; Ch 3; Ch 4; Ch 5; Ch 6; Ch 7; Ch 8; Ch 9; Ch 10; Ch 11;
Ch 12; Ch 13; Ch 14; Ch 15; References, Appendix; Acknowledgements)

Campbell, Greg, Workshop to Promote Understanding of American Indian Connections to Devils Tower (PI Report; Park Report)

Chacon, Hipolito Rafael, Inventory and Historic Background Report for Glacier National Park Artwork (Report; Images)

Duffield, John, Economic Values of National Park System Resources Along the Colorado River,
Phases 1-3
(White Paper and Report)

Duffield, John, Socioeconomic Analysis for Middle Fork Avalanche Hazard Mitigation EIS, Glacier National Park (Report)

Fiedler, Carl & McKinney, Shawn, Assessment of Whitebark Pine Habitat in Yellowstone NP (Report; Paper)

Freimund, Wayne, Social Research in Support of Impact Mitigation on Restoration of the Going to the Sun Road, phases 1-5 (2005 Report; 2006 Report; 2007 Report; 2009 Report; Synthesis Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Development of a Visitor Management and Restoration Plan for Lunch Creek, Glacier National Park (2005 Report)

Gannon, James, Bacterial Source Tracking, Many Glacier, Glacier National Park (Report)

Mills, Scott, Evaluating the prey base for lynx: snowshoe hare abundance, habitat use, and population dynamics in Glacier National Park (Interim Report for 05/06; Progress Report Oct 06; Annual Report 06 Annual Report 07; Report)

Moore, Johnnie, Interagency Burned Area Stabilization and Rehabilitation Plan for the Frenchie Fire: Contaminants Sampling and Analysis (Interim Report)

Prentiss, Anna, Testing Two Prehistoric Sites at Curecanti National Recreation Area (Report)

Rice, Peter, Plant Identification Training Workshop for Grant-Kohrs Ranch Personnel (Report)

Seielstad, Carl, Thermal Remote Monitoring of the Norris Basin, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Spear, Terry, Yellowstone Winter Use Personal Exposure Monitoring


Borkowski, John, Evaluating variability, patterns and presentation of acoustic data collected during the winter use season in Yellowstone National Park

Borkowski, John, Evaluating Wildlife Responses to Motorized Winter Use in Yellowstone National Park (Report: Journal Article)

Clark, Janet, Conduct Gardiner Basin Native Vegetation/Ungulate Winter Range Restoration Workshop Background Info: Intoduction, Yellowstone NP, Gallatin NF (Report)

Creel, Scott, Motorized winter recreation and glucocorticoid stress responses in elk

Garrott, Robert, Collaborative Capture and Sampling of Wildlife, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Guy, Christopher, Adfluvial Bull Trout Fishery Investigations, Glacier National Park (Report)

Hansen, Andrew, A pilot study of response of bird communities to willow release in the Northern Range, Yellowstone National Park (Progress Report 07; Report)

Hansen, Kathy, Processing and analysis of historical snow-water equivalent (SWE) data, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Jelinkski, Jane, A Public Engagement Plan and Cooperating Agency Agreements for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks’ Winter Use Environmental Impact Statement and Rulemaking (Report)

Kalinowski, Steven, Genetic Integrity of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the Gallatin River Watershed, Yellowstone National Park (Report; M.Sc. Thesis)

Kipfer, Todd, Monitoring protocols for the Greater Yellowstone Network inventory and monitoring program including report on aridland soil stability and structure protocol (Vital Signs Monitoring Plan for the Greater Yellowstone Network; Soil Stability and Structure Monitoring Protocol; Soil Stability Brief)

Kipfer, Todd, Renovation of Northern Range streams to prevent ESA listing of Yellowstone cutthroat trout phases 1-4 bPhase 1 Report; Report)

Lawrence, Rick, Change detection of Yellowstone' radiative thermal flux using remote sensing imagery (Report; Dissertation)

McMahon, Thomas, Review and recommendations for the Upper Yellowstone River Fisheries Assessment Project (Report)

Rea, Bill, Interpretive Exhibit Design and Fabrication at Grant Korhs Ranch National Hitoric Site (Report)

Tobias, Ronald, "Florissant Fossil Beds: Valley of Wonder” 15 Minute Orientation Film for Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Fire and Vegetation History in Grand Teton National Park (Report)

Willey, David, Wildlife Surveys for Grand Canyon National Park Fire and Aviation Program (Report)

Zale, Alexander, Spatial Dynamics of Arctic Grayling in the Gibbon River, Yellowstone National Park (Report)


Campbell, Alton & Morgan, Penny, Meeting Fire Management Needs for Science Synthesis, Workshops and Online Academic Courses: An Innovative Technology Transfer Approach (Report)

Hollenhorst, Steve, Develop an Education Trunk for Community Outreach on the Natural and Cultural Resources of Grand Teton NP

Rodhouse, Tom, Science Education Technology Equipment for the NPS Upper Columbia Basin Network (Report)

Sanders, Kenneth, Grazing Management Plan Revision and Grazing Utilization/Monitoring Protocol Development (Report)

Sanyal, Nick, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Cooperative Weed Management Project

Scott, J. Michael, Assessing the Ecological Content and Context of the National Park System

Scarnechia, Dennis, Hydrology and Geomorphology of the Snake River downstream from Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park

Wright, Gerald, Vascular Plant Inventory of Expanded Craters of the Moon NM & Preserve (Report)


Beatty, Susan, Non-Native Plants in Burned Areas as a function of Burn Severity and Return Interval (using remote sensing and field methods)(early detection monitoring) (Report)

Bowman, William, Evaluation of Long-term Species Changes and Responses to Nitrogen Fertilization in Alpine Plant Communities (Report; Journal of Environmental Management Article)

Ge, Shemin, The Effects Of Plate Deformation On Water-Levels At Devil’s Hole, Death Valley National Park (Publications:

Gregory Robertson, 2006, An Investigation of Tectonic Deformation on Water Levels in Devils Hole, Death Valley National Park, Nevada, Master of Science Thesis, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Robertson, G.D., S. Ge, and P. Cutillo (2007),  An investigation of regional tectonic strain on water levels in Devils Hole, Death Valley National Park, Nevada, Geophys. Res. Lett, 34 L23308, doi:10.1029/2007GLO31630.  

Hogan, Tim, Vascular Plant Species List Project: COLM Herbarium Review and Species List for Colorado National Monument (COLM)

Lekson, Steve, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Consultation and Repatriation, Fort Union National Monument (NPS Report; Federal Register Notice; Executive Summary; Report)

Lukas, Jeff & Woodhouse, Connie, Riparian Forest Age Structure and Past Hydroclimatic Variability, Sand Creek Massacre Site and Bent's Old Fort Site (Sand Creek Massacre Site- Report; Bent's Old Fort- Report)

Manley, William, Inventory and Monitoring of Coastal Erosion for Alaska's Arctic Network of Parks (Resource Brief, Report)

McKnight, Diane, Glacier Change at Rocky Mountain National Park (Report; Web site)

Montgomery, Bruce, Everglades National Park and Southeast Regional Office, Museum Services Archives Project (Report)

Montgomery, Bruce, IMRO Parks Archives Projects

Montgomery, Bruce, Yosemite Archive Backlog Cataloging Project (Report)

Seastedt, Tim, Graduate Assistantship to assist with the development of a National Park Service long-term monitoring program

Smith, Dena, Taxonomy and Paleoenvironmental Indications of Fossil Diatoms from the Florissant Formation (Progress Report; Report)

Stallard, Robert, Extended Analysis of Rivers and River Basins Within Central Alaska

Weimer, Paul, Two minute animation of the geologic story of Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument


Burton, Lloyd, “Place and Native Voice”  (Report)

Komara, Ann, Images of Rocky Mountain National Park (Report; Images)

Gallagher, Lissa, Creation of Research Learning Center Keystone Products (Report)

Gelernter, Mark, Comprehensive Preservation Study of Train-Related Resources at Cimarron, CO

Muller, Brian, Geographic Resource Information Management Project Support (Report)

Noel, Tom, Dawson Ranch Buildings Complex Survey and Determination of Eligibility (DOE) (Management Data Form and Historic Architectural Component Form for the Dawson Ranch Buildings Complex- William F. and Jredia A. Dawson Family Home, Unpaved airplane landing strip, Corral, Barn, Cabin, Railroad Car, Metal Utility Building)

Noel, Tom, Fort Laramie National Register Nomination

Summers, Luis, Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) Documentation-Various Clean Up Projects-located in IMRO, Denver (Reports: Cannonball Pueblo; Margarita Martinez; and Senon S Virgil)

Vlahos, Ekaterini, NPS Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and National Historic Landmarks (NHL) Program projects for the Heritage Partnerships Program for the Intermountain Region


Baron, Jill, A survey of the impacts of fish introduction and removal on zooplankton of alpine lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, USA (Report)

Baron, Jill, Assessing Ecological and Biogeochemical Responses to Changing Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park and other Protected Areas (Publication; Report; Figures)

Benson, Delwin, Evaluating the Requirement for Animal Welfare Act Compliance on NPS Projects

Bruyere, Brett, Improving Education at U.S. Nature and Environmental Centers

Cooper, David, Analysis and Restoration Design of Former Flagg Ranch Site (Report; Appendix A; Appendix B)

Cooper, David, Developing a Restoration Plan for Fan Lake, Rocky Mountains National Park

Cooper, David, Elk impacts on alpine willow communities, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado and the Development of a Protocol for Assessing Alpine Tundra Vegetation (Progress Report)

Cooper, David, Evaluate Reference Meadows and Develop Restoration Concepts for Halstead Meadow, Sequoia National Park, California (Report #1; Report #2Report)

Cooper, David, Vital Signs Monitoring Design and Protocol Development

Daniels, Judith, Soil Resources Inventory Project

Fiege, Mark, NPS Administrative History of Grazing, Phase II

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Incorporating Ecological Modeling into Wildlife Health Management Planning
(Report; Journal Article)

Jacobi, William, White pine blister rust management at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Kalkhan, Mohammed A, Cooperative research to develop fire and fuels mapping protocols in support of the USGS/NPS Vegetation Mapping Program

Kalkhan, Mohammed A, Fire Severity and Fuels/Vegetation Map Updates in Burned Areas (Annual Report 06; Report)

Lebeda, Boyd, Wildland Urban Interface Education Coordination

Loftis, Jim, Clean Water Act Impairments and Use Designations for National Park System Water Resources; Status and Trends of Impaired, Threatened, and Outstanding National/State Resource Waters (FY06 Annual Report; FY08 Annual Report; Report)

Loftis, Jim, Development of Natural Resource Education and Outreach Programs and Techniques (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and Mobile Mapping Research and Development for the NPS GIS Program

Loftis, Jim, Support of Research and Technical Assistance with the National Park Service, Natural Resource Program Center (Report)

Newman, Peter, Monitoring Recreation Related Trail Impacts in the Bear Lake Corridor (Report)

Redente, Edward, Desired Condition Statement & Assessment Handbook (Report; Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C; Appendix D; Appendix E)

Roath, Roy, Inventory of Plants at Sand Creek Massacre NHS (Progress Report 05; Report)

Sanders, Thomas, Preservation, Protection, and Management of Water and Aquatic Resources of Units of the National Park System

Stevens, Joe, Vegetation classification and mapping at Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site (BEOL) and Sand Creek National Historic Site (SAND) (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Vegetation Classification of Grand Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado (Report)

Sutton, Sally, Biological Resource Management in National Parks- Invasive Species Information Management and Delivery (Report)

Todd, Lawrence, Ethnohistory of the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area

Wilson, Kenneth, Development of a monitoring protocol for snowshoe hares in the Central Alaska Network


Swaney, William, Restoration Intern at Glacier NP (Report)


Baldwin, Ben, NPS Intermountain Region Grazing Workshop

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internship – Rocky Mountain Cluster Park project for summers 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 (2006 Emily Yost Intern - Bighorn Canyon NRA on the Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center web content; Report06; Report08)

Brunson, Mark, Enhancement of the Understanding And Appreciation of the Bird Fauna of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Complex (Report; Field Guide to the Common Birds by Habitat Type an Basic Color)

Brunson, Mark, Final Edit and Layout of Fort Laramie National Historic Site Cultural Landscape Report (Fort Laramie National Historic Site: Cultural Landscape Report)

Brunson, Mark & Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internships – interns for Bighorn Canyon NRA and Glen Canyon NRA for summer 2005 (Bighorn Canyon Report; Report)

Luecke, Chris, Baseline Inventory of Physical, Chemical and Biological Attributes of Select Lakes in the Arctic Network (ARCN) (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Mapping of Thermal Springs and Features in the Upper, Middle and Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park (Abstract; Article; Report)

Schmidt, John, Hydrology and Geomorphology of the Snake River downstream from Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park, including estimate of bed material budget (Report)

Van Miegroet, Helga, Establishing baseline nitrogen status and edaphic conditions for alpine vegetation in Grand Teton National Park (Progress Report06 and Photos; Progress Report07; Report)

Wolfe, Mike, Bat Inventories at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Report)


Dybdahl, Mark, The current distribution of the Jackson Lake spring snail and interactions with the invasive New Zealand mud snail (Publication; Report)


Beauvais, Gary, Bat Inventories in the Greater Yellowstone Network – Anabat Analysis (Report; Yellowstone Science- Article)

Beauvais, Gary, Technical review and consultation of NPSpecies database: Vascular Plant and Vertebrate Species in the Greater Yellowstone Network parks (Reports - BICA Vascular Plants)

Beauvais, Gary, Vascular Plant Species List Project: Herbaria Review and Technical Report Preparation for Northern Colorado Plateau Network parks (Reports- ARCH, BLCA, BRCA, CANY, CARE, CEBR, COLM, CURE, DINO, FOBU, GOSP, HOVE, NABR, PISP, TICA, ZION)

Ben-David, Merav, River Otters in Southwest Alaska Network, A Plan to Estimate Distribution, Relative Abundance, and Minimum Population Size Based on Coastal Latrine Site Surveys and Microsatellites in Katmai, Lake Clark and Kenai Fjords NPS (Report)

Bergman, Harold, An Initiative to Enhance Brucellosis Vaccines, Vaccine Delivery, and Surveillance Diagnostics for Bison and Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Area (Report)

Eckles, Dave, Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation for Fuels Treatment Projects 2005/2006, Grand Teton National Park (Report- Grant Creek; Report-Two Oceans)

Eckles, David, Data Recovery at Precontact Archeological Site 48YE114 in Area of Potential Effect of Road Reconstruction near Frying Pan Springs, Phases II and III (Phase II Report)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Grand Teton Research Center (2005 Report; 2006-2007 UW-NPS Small Grant Awards)

Humstone, Mary, National Register of Historic Places: Complete Determination of Eligibility for Sky Ranch Property (Natnl Register of Historic Places Registration Form and Narrative)

Humstone, Mary, Inventory of Historic Resources at the Sun Ranch NHL (Wyoming Cultural Properties Form)

Jones, George, A Program to Monitor Composition and Structure of Selected Vegetation Types on Fort Laramie National Historic Site (Report)

Keinath, Doug, Bat use, ecology, and management recommendations in the White Grass Ranch Area, Grand Teton National Park (Report)

Latchininsky, Alex, Monitoring and Long-Term Control of Insect Pests at Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum- Continuation of UWY-38 (Report)

Pendall, Elise, Determine water sources through isotope analysis of precipitation, Groundwater, streamflow and riparian vegetation, year 2 (Report)

Taylor, Patricia, & Grandjean, Burke, Pricing the America the Beautiful Pass (Report: Project Summary; Task #2: Benchmarking; Task #3: Economic Analysis; Task #4: Focus Groups; Task #5: Survey; Appendix A: Calibration)