2007 Projects - NPS


Allendorf, Fred, Population structure and dispersal of Black-backed woodpeckers (JFSP Aricle)

Brown, Perry, Identifying Multi-jurisdictional Adaptation Strategies for Responding to Climate Change in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (Report)

Brown, Perry, Jerry O’Neal, National Park Service Student Fellowship Program (2007 Fellowship Awardees; 2008 Fellowship Awardees; 06Report; 07Report; 08 Report)

Reports from 2007 Fellowship Awardees:
Peitzsch, Erich, Montana State Universtity, Characterizing Snow Structure and Meteorological Parameters of Wet Slab Avalanches along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, MT (Brief, Thesis; Article)

David McKenzie, University of Wyoming, Post-Fire Climate Effects on Montane Forest Tree Species in Glacier National Park (Brief, Thesis)

Catton, Ted, Administrative History for Lassen Volcanic National Park, Phase III (Report)

Douglas, John, Nez Perce War of 1877: Interpretation in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Duffield, John, Economic Analyses of Off-Road Vehicle Alternatives at Fire Island National Seashore

Douglas, John, Nez Perce War of 1877: Interpretation in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Duffield, John, National Park Service, Benefits Transfer Database

Eby, Lisa, Assessment of cutthroat survival and growth in irrigation ditches off the Gros Ventre River and population connections to the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park (Progress Report; Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Social Research in Support of Impact Mitigation on Restoration of the Going to the Sun Road, phases 1-5 (2005 Report; 2006 Report; 2007 Report; 2009 Report; Synthesis Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Winter Visitor Experiences in Yellowstone National Park: The Roles of Natural Quiet and Wildlife (Research Proposal; Report; NPS Report; Article)

Greene, Erick, Bighorn Canyon Peregrine Falcon Breeding Survey

Hutto, Richard, Quantifying the Effects of 2003 Fires on Fire-dependent Bird Species in Glacier NP
(JFSP Brief; JFSP Report; Report)

Krahe, Diane, Administrative History of the Establishment and Development of the National Network of the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (Progress Report)

Kronk, Elizabeth, Research on History of West Side Ditch Water Rights at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Langner, Heiko, Survey of Lakes in Glacier NP to determine the extent of fish contaminated with mercury (Report)

Luikart, Gordon, Predicting Disease Spread in Greater Yellowstone Elk Using DNA Markers (Progress Report; Report; Journal Article)

MacDonald, Douglas, Glacier National Park Lake Sherburne Archeological Inventory and Report

MacDonald, Douglas, NPS/University of Montana Areological Field School Support Field School
  (Newspaper Article; MAYP Newsletter #1; MAYP Newsletter #2; MAYP Newsletter #3;
MAYP Newsletter #4; MAYP Newsletter #5) (2007 Report; MA Thesis; YELL Science)

Mills, Scott, Diets of Coyotes and Other Carnivores in Olympic National Park (Report)

Mills, Scott, Evaluating the prey base for lynx: snowshoe hare abundance, habitat use, and population dynamics in Glacier National Park (Interim Report for 05/06; Progress Report Oct 06; Annual Report 06 Annual Report 07; Report)

Mills, Scott, Marmots on the Move? Dispersal in a Declining Mountain Mammal (Progres Report; Report)

Mitchell, Mike, Analysis of wildlife movements in relation to Denali Park Road traffic (Park Science; Completion Report; Report)

Pletscher, Dan, Interpretive Tools for Glacier National Park, Climate Change

Power, Tom, Assess Economic Impact of Park Establishment and Wilderness Designation at Two Parks
(Progress Report; Report)

Queen, Lloyd, Scenario Planning for Managing Fuels and Wildland Fire in an Era of Climate Change
(Fact Sheet, Report)

Servheen, Chris, Interpreter Notebook on Threatened and Endangered Species in Glacier National Park (Progress Report)

Woods, Scott, The effects of recent watershed deglaciation, climate change, and microbial processes on nitrate loading and ecological response in high alpine aquatic systems (Poster)


Cripps, Cathy, Investigation of Mycorrhizal fungi associated with whitebark pine in Waterton Lakes-Glacier National Parks Ecosystem (Report)

Cripps, Cathy, Restoration with Whitebark Pine seedlings on Dunraven Pass, Yellowstone National Park: availability of native mychorrhizal fungi in soil (Report-Short; Report-Long)

Garrott, Robert, Collaborative Ungulate Habitat and Population Monitoring (Journal Article)

Garrott, Robert, Evaluating key uncertainties regarding road grooming and bison movements (Report)

Guy, Christopher, Spawning Demographics and Early Life History of Bull Trout in Quartz Lake, Glacier National Park (Report)

Hansen, Andrew, Avian response to structural changes in willow dominated habitats in the Northern Range, Yellowstone National Park (Progress Report 07; Report)

Jelinkski, Jane, A Public Engagement Plan and Cooperating Agency Agreements for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks’ Winter Use Environmental Impact Statement and Rulemaking (Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Development of a Website for the Learning Center of the American Southwest (Report; web link)

Kipfer, Todd, Operational and technical support for Vital Signs Monitoring in the Greater Yellowstone Network Inventory and Monitoring Program (Report; BICA Soil Report; GRYN Water Quality Verification Report; GRYN Water Quality Validation Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Renovation of Northern Range streams to prevent ESA listing of Yellowstone cutthroat trout phase III: Completion of field surveys and initiation of environmental planning (Phase 1 Report; Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Water quality monitoring in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Lawrence, Rick, Change detection of Yellowstone' radiative thermal flux using remote sensing imagery (Report; Dissertation)

McGowen, Pat, Evaluation of Non-Motorized Use, Phase I Pre-Pathway Area, Grand Teton National Park

Pascual, David, Evaluating bison immune responses for developing a brucellosis vaccination program

Roberts, David, Modeling future vegetation composition and structure in Grand Teton National Park, WY

Schmitz, Denine, Monitoring water quality and quantity in Bighorn Canyon NRA: Seeps, springs and river and stream locations (Report; Data Summary for Monitoring Water Quality; Data Summary for Monitoring Springs)

Strong, ChrisMoose-Wilson Road Adaptive Management/Implementation Plan and Grand Teton NP Transit Business Plan (ReportTransportation Plan)

Tobias, Ronald, Global Climate Change and National Parks: the Video (Video: Shifting Sands: Climate Change in the Mojave (Open Boat Films- stephanie@openboatfilm.com)

Varley, John, Convene an expert panel to scientifically evaluate Yellowstone Lake cutthroat trout preservation strategies (Progress Report; Report)

Varley, John, Yellowstone Trumpeter Swan Conservation Assessment (Report; Yellowstone Science Article)

Varley, John, Yellowstone Wildlife Health Program (Report and Website; Ecological Applications Article)

Willey, David, Predicting Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat in the Chihuahuan Desert Using Regression-Based Models

Willey, David, Wildlife Surveys for Grand Canyon National Park Fire and Aviation Program (Report)

Zabinski, Cathy, Bulking of Mycorrhizal fungi associated with understory vegetation in alpine ecosystems in Glacier National Park (Report)


Byers, John, Conservation of the Declining Yellowstone Pronghorn Population (Report)

McDaniel, Paul, Analysis of Soils at the NPS Weippe Prairie Site (Report)

Smith, Alistair, Smoke Management: Development of Online Training Resources and Workshops

Thorsteinson, Todd, Strategic Organization Review Internship, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (Report)

Wright, Gerald, Phase III Monitoring Plan, Protocol Development, and Vegetation Mapping for the Mojave Desert Network (Report)

Wright, Gerald, Monitoring assistance for the Upper Columbia Basin Network including protocol design, database development, and field testing of protocols (UCBN Newletter)

Wright, Gerald, Monitoring assistance for the Upper Columbia Basin Network including protocol design, database development, and field testing of protocols (UCBN Newletter; Report)

Wright, Gerald, Technical Support for Sierra Nevada I&M Network Monitoring Program, Vegetation Map Completion, and Data Management projects (Report)


Beatty, Susan, Non-Native Plants in Burned Areas as a function of Burn Severity and Return Interval (using remote sensing and field methods)(early detection monitoring) (Report)

Bowman, William, Evaluation of Long-term Species Changes and Responses to Nitrogen Fertilization in Alpine Plant Communities (Report; Journal of Environmental Management Article)

Lekson, Steve, NAGPRA: Contaminated Collections Consultation, Human Remains Consultation, Training, and Protocol Development

Leskon, Steve, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Consultation and Repatriation, Great Sand Dunes National Park (Report)

Limerick, Patricia, Workshop to Develop a Short-Term Strategy for Addressing the Ecological Impacts of Climate Change at Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Manley, William, Coastal Change in the Southwest Alaska Network (SWAN)

Manley, William, Protocol Development for Analysis of Coastal Change in Alaska's Arctic Network of Parks (Resource Brief, Report)

Mitton, Jeffrey, Understanding the Genetic Composition of the Rocky Mountain NP Bighorn Sheep Herds (Report)

Montgomery, Bruce, IMR Parks Archives Projects

Montgomery, Bruce, Organize Albright Training Center Archives (Report; Data)

Montgomery, Bruce, USS Arizona Memorial Archives Project

Montgomery, Bruce, Yosemite Upgrade Museum Collections (Report)

Seastedt, Tim, Natural Resources Research Synthesis at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
(Progress Report; Report)

Smith, Dena, Develop Mirror Website of FLFO Paleontological Database

Smith, Dena, Excavate and Research Fossil Plants from the Antero Formation (Progress Report)

Williams, Mark, Evaluating and reporting Climate Data to I & M Networks and Parks (Report)


Burton, Lloyd, “Place and Native Voice” Denver (Report)

Marlow, Michael, Developing Education Resources, “Views of the National Parks: Grand Canyon Geology.” (Status Report; Views Website)

Marlow, Michael, Developing Education Curriculum for Grades 9-12 at Fort Davis National Historic Site (Report)

Marlow, Michael, Developing Education Resources, “Views of the National Parks”, phase 5, 6 & 7
(Progress Report 07)

Marlow, Michael, Teacher to Ranger to Teacher (TRT) Program Assistance (Report)

Moreno, Rafael, Soil Resources Inventory Geospatial Enhancements

Muller, Brian, Geographic Resource Information Management (GRIM) Team Project Support (Report)

Noel, Tom, Determination of Eligibility (DOE) for the Chivington/Brandon Canal, Kiowa County, Colorado

Noel, Tom, List of Classified Structures Technical Assistance


Brunswig, Robert, Pilot Study for Investigations into Cultural-Natural Landscapes and Ecological Patch Islands in Forest Canyon Pass, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)


Bell, Paul, Metrics of human responses to natural sound environments (Report)

Brozka, Robert, Document Invasive, Alien Plants in National Park Service Units (Interim Report)

Bruyere, Brett, Develop communications materials for natural resource topics, management activities, and issues

Clements, William, Integration of water quality, habitat, and benthic macroinvertebrate data to assess ecological integrity of streams in Yellowstone National Park

Collett, Jeffrey and Kreidenweis, Sonia, Transport and Deposition of Airborne Nitrogen and Sulfur in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report; Article #1; Article #2; Rocky Mountain Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur Study: Volume 1, Volume 2, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3)

Collett, Jr., Jeffrey, Characterizing Pollutant Deposition to Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Collett, Jr., Jeffrey, Characterizing Wildland Fire Particulate Matter Emissions and Their Air Quality/Visibility Impacts (Report #1; Report #2; Publications: Lee et al 2008a; Lee et al 2008b; Levin et al 2009)

Cooper, David, Assess the Condition of the Pecos River Riparian Corridor Prior to Implementation of a Public Fishing Program (Report)

Cooper, David, Assist To Determine and Prioritize Wetland Restoration Projects in the Kawunechee Valley at Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Cooper, David, Developing a Wetland Restoration Plan for Death Valley National Park, CA

Cooper, David, Developing a Restoration Plan for the rare saltgrass, Puccinellia howellii, at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Cooper, David, Meadow Ecological Integrity Protocol Development (Report)

Cooper, David, Remove Artificial Levee and Connect Glorieta Creek to its Recently Restored Floodplain at Pecos National Historical Park, NM (Report- Earthmoving and Erosional Control; Report-Wetland and Riparian Plant Propagation, Delivery and Istallation)

Cooper, David, Study the Effectiveness of a New Fence Design that Excludes Elk and Moose but Allows the Movement of Other Wildlife (Report)

Cooper, David, The role of herbivory and hydrologic condition in cottonwood establishment: Determining barriers to establishment and persistence in Yellowstone’s northern range (Year 1 Report)

Cooper, David, Vital Signs Monitoring Design and Protocol Development

Cooper, David, Wetland Protocol Development – Pilot Work in Rocky Mountain NP

Crooks, Kevin, Effects of pathway activities on behavior and distribution of Rocky Mountain elk and pronghorn antelope in Grand Teton National Park (Report; Article)

Crooks, Kevin, Mountain Lion (Puma concolor) Ecology in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Culver, Denise, Rare and Sensitive Plant Survey for the Reconstruction of the Grand Lake Entrance Station, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Daniels, Judith, Soil Resources Inventory Project

Decker, Karin, Editing and writing assistance with vegetation mapping reports (Report)

Douglas, Marlis, Molecular Analysis of Bluehead Sucker from Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Report)

Eis, Kenneth, Assistance for Visibillity Data Analysis and Image Display Techniques

Hannah, Judith, Data Management Research, Development, and Technical Support to the Geologic Resource Division, Geologic Resource Evaluation Program

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Model Update and Application for Rocky Mountain National Park Elk Population: A Bayesian Framework for Management of Population Reductions (2010 Annual Report; 2011 Annual Report; Report)

Knapp, Alan, Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship to assist with the vital signs development for the Southern Plains I&M Network (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Clean Water Act Impairments and Use Designations for National Park System Water Resources; Status and Trends of Impaired, Threatened, and Outstanding National/State Resource Waters (FY06 Annual Report; FY08 Annual Report; Report)

Loftis, Jim, Continuation of Guidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Program Center (NRPC) of the National Park Service, making the latest Web technology available to the NPS

Loftis, Jim, Development of Natural Resource Education and Outreach Programs and Techniques (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Digital Information Services Research and Development for the NPS Resource Information Management Program, GIS Division (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and Mobile Mapping Research and Development for the NPS GIS Program

Loftis, Jim, GIS technical support for NPS Intermountain Region Geographic Resource Information Management Team (Annual Report)

Loftis, Jim, Guidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Program Center (NRPC) of the National Park Service, making the latest Web technology available to the NPS

Loftis, Jim, Southeast Coast Network Database Program (FY06 Annual Report; FY08 Annual Report; Report)

Nett, Terry, Technical Support to Evaluate Fertility Control in Female Elk

Ore, Janet, National Historic Landmark Nomination of Ninemile Remount Depot, Lolo National Forest, Montana (Report)

Paschke, Mark, Using native annual plant species to suppress weedy invasive species in post-fire habitats (Report; PowerPoint)

Redente, Edward, Desired Condition Statement & Assessment Handbook

Rocca, Monique, Assessing an alternative to mechanical fuel reduction and pile burning (Report; Park Science Article)

Rocca, Monique, Fire Management in National Parks – Research, Information Management and Delivery

Sanders, Thomas, Integration of NPS/USGS Water Resources Science Applicable to Management of Protected Areas

Sanders, Thomas, Preservation, Protection, and Management of Water and Aquatic Resources in Units of the National Park System

Sovell, John, Assessment of Status and History of the Prairie Dog Colony at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site and Recommendations for Managing the Population (Report)

Sovell, John, Inventory rare and listed species at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Chronic Wasting Disease Diagnostic Services for Intermountain Region Parks (Journal of Wildlife Diseases)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance to the National Park Service Wildlife Health Team (Progress Report; Journal of Wildlife Diseases)

Stevens, Joe, Biological Resource Management in National Parks- Vegetation Mapping Information Management and Delivery in support of the NPS Vegetation Mapping Inventory

Stevens, Joe, National Natural Landmark Evaluations (Report: Garden Park Fossil Area National Natural Landmark; Hanging Lake, Garfield County, Colorado)

Sutton, Sally, Biological Resource Management in National Parks- Invasive Species Information Management and Delivery

Swift, David, Collaborative support of the National Atmospheric Deposition site in Rocky Mountain NP (Report)

Theobald, David, Assessment of Natural Resources and Watershed Conditions for Rocky Mountain National Park and Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Report; Journal Article)

Thompson, Jessica, Identifying Multi-jurisdictional Adaptation Strategies for Responding to Climate Change on Federal Lands (Completion Report; Report- Crown of the Continent; Agenda - Northern Colorado; Executive Summary - Northern Colorado; Agenda - Black Hills and Plains; Executive Summary - Black Hills & Plains)

Wockner, Gary, Elk and bison ecological modeling in the Great Sand Dunes complex of lands; estimates of carrying capacity under various management scenarios (Report)

Zeidler, James, Air Force Space Command Cultural Resources Condition Assessment Methodology (Report)

Zimmerman, Don, Development of research-based guidelines for Improving the NPS Natural Resource Program Center’s Intranet (Report)


Hurley, Patricia, Restoration Intern at Glacier National Park 2006-2008 (Report from Intern 07; Report from Intern 08)

Leighton, Adrian, Creating DVDs to Preserve Traditional Salish and Kootenai Tribal Knowledge about Glacier National Park Forests (Progress Report)


Baldwin, Ben, and Mark Brunson, Development and Technical Review (NEPA and Content) of an Environmental Assessment (EA) Evaluating Management Actions Regarding the Control of Beaver (Castor canadensis) (Report)

Baldwin, Ben, and Mark Brunson, Development and Technical Review (NEPA and Content) of an Environmental Assessment (EA) Evaluating Management Actions Regarding the Control of Columbia Groundb Squirrels (Report)

Baldwin, Ben, Enhance the Understanding and Appreciation of the Wildlife of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Complex (Report; Field Guide to the Wildlife and Habitats of Grant-Kohrs Ranch)

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internship – Glen Canyon NRA 2006 and 2007 Interns (Report 2006)

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internship – Grant-Kohrs 2007

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internships - Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring project for summer 2006 & 2007 (Report 2006)

Baldwin, Ben, Tehabi Internship – Rocky Mountain Cluster Park project for summers 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 (2006 Emily Yost Intern - Bighorn Canyon NRA on the Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center web content; Report06) (2008 Casey Snyder intern-Grant Kohrs Ranch Water Rights; 2008 Joseph Parsons intern-Bighorn Canyon NRA; 2008 Casey Snider intern-Grant-Kohrs Ranch)

Baldwin, Ben, Web Summaries for Natural and Cultural Resources Studies– Sand Creek Massacre NHS (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Mapping of Thermal Springs and Features in the Upper, Middle and Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park (Abstract; Article; Report)

Ramsey, Doug, Assessment of Natural Resources and Watershed Conditions for Grand Teton National Park and John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway (Report)

Schupp, Eugene, Restoring Natural Fire Regimes at Golden Spike National Historic Site by Developing a Healthy Sagebrush/Grassland Vegetation Community to Prevent the Cheatgrass-Wildfire Cycle (Progress Report 2007; Progress 2010 Report; Progress 2011 Report; Progress Report 2012;Report)

Timmons, Michael, Cultural Landscape Inventory, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Report)

Timmons, Michael, Cultural Landscape Inventory, Murie Ranch National Historic Landmark (Report)

Timmons, Michael, Gold Rush International Historical Trail System Phase II (Report; Appendices)

Van Miegroet, Helga, Establishing baseline nitrogen status and edaphic conditions for alpine vegetation in Grand Teton National Park (Progress Report06 and Photos; Progress Report07; Report)


Carroll, Matthew, Socio-Economic Study of Historic Ranching at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, with Application to Current Park Business Plans (Report)

Dybdahl, Mark, The invasive New Zealand mud snail versus the candidate threatened Jackson Lake spring snail in Grand Teton National Park (Report)


Buskirk, Steven, Understanding the impact of fire on pygmy rabbit distribution, abundance, and movement (Progress Report; Journal Article; Report)

Chalfoun, Anna, Effects of pathways within Grand Teton National Park on avian abundance, distribution, diversity, and productivity of focal species (Report)

Eakins, Dan, Class II Archeological Survey of the Abiathar Peak Area (Report)

Eckles, David, Class III Archeological Block Inventory of the Primary and Secondary Roadways at the Old Faithful Developed Area (Report)

Eckels, David, Class III Inventory and Site Documentation of the Indian Creek Drainage (Report)

Eckles, David, Class III Inventory and Site Evaluation of the Lake Developed Area (Report)

Eckles, David, Shovel Test Grand Loop Road Corridor Bisecting National Register Eligible Precontact Archeological Site 48YE406 (Report)

Gray, Stephen, Climate Summary Reports for the Greater Yellowstone Network Inventory and Monitoring Program (Report; Fact Sheet)

Harkin, Michael, Update of Ethnographic Overview of Devils Tower National Monument, Phase II

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Grand Teton Research Center (2006-2007 UW-NPS Small Grant Awards)

Heidel, Bonnie, Fort Laramie NHS Plant Checklist and Flyer (Report: Flyer; Master Checklist; Wildflower Checklist, Tree Checklist, Grass Checklist)

Heidel, Bonnie, Inventory State Plant Species of Concern to Minimize Impacts from Visitors and Park Management (Report; Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C; Appendix D; Appendix E; Appendix F; Appendix G)

Humstone, Mary, Complete Determination of National Register of Historic Places Eligibility for Helene Whittmer Property, Hartgrave/Halpin Property, and the Rudd Property (Whittmer Form;
Hartgrave Form; Rudd Form)

Kauffman, Matt, Resource selection, seasonal distribution, movement and recruitment of bighorn sheep in the Teton Range of northwest Wyoming (FY07 Progress Report; FY10 Progress Report; Report)

Kelly, Robert, Intermountain Region ASMIS Condition Assessment Assistance (Report)

Olson, Richard, Are Boer goats effective weed management tools? (Report)

Taylor, Patricia, 2007 Comprehensive Survey of the American Public (Reports: 2008-2009 National Technical Report; 2008-2009 Broad Comparisons to the 2000 Survey; 2008-2009 Racial and Ethnic Diversity of National Park System Visitors and Non-Visitors)

Tinker, Daniel, Develop Plan and Protocols to Restore Riparian Habitat, Devils Tower NM (Report)

Tinker, Daniel, Develop Whitebark Pine Condition Assessment Tools in Grand Teton National Park
(Progress Report; Report; Journal Article)

Tinker, Daniel, Environmental Assessment for the Restoration of Eight Acres of Shortgrass Prairie, Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site

Tinker, Daniel, Natural Resource Program Interns for Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)


Quinn, Michael, Developing a Metadata Framework for the Flathead River in British Columbia (Report)

Quinn, Michael, Financial Support for International Peace Park Conference: “Peace, Parks and Partnerships”, Sept 9-12, 2007 at Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta (Abstracts; Report)