2010 Projects - NPS


Brown, Perry, CESU Network National Office (YIP) Fellowships (Fellows: Brian Gates, Ashley Jordan; Reports: Ashley Jordan)

Brown, Perry, Jerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship Program (2010 Fellowship Awardees; 2011 Fellowship Awardees2010 Report)

Reports from 2010 Fellowship Awardees:
Alexandra Urza, Colorado State University, Direct and Indirect Influences of Climate Change on Post-Fire Forest Establishment in Glacier National Park (Brief, Thesis)

Helen Keremedjiev, University of Montana, Ethnography of Cultural Heritage:  Interpretation and Commemoration Practices at Big Hole, Little Bighorn, and Rosebud Battlefields (Brief, Thesis)

Matthew Larson, University of Montana, Avian Surveys to Inform Assessment of Hayfield Management: Stuart Field Site, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, Montana (Brief, Thesis)

Reports from 2011 Fellowship Awardees:
Brett Addis, University of Montana, Conservation of Amphibians Diversity in Glacier National Park: Risks of Hybridization and Disease to an Isolated Species (Brief, Thesis, Joural Article)

Matt Wilson, University of Montana, Are alpine freshwater macroinvertebrates shifting upstream in response to climate change? (Brief, Thesis)

Kelsie Delaney, University of Wyoming, Do Tourists Bug Bacteria?’  The effects of human presence and pollution on bacterial diversity and distribution in the streams of Glacier National Park. (Brief, Report)

Burchfield, Jim, Workshops and Program Support for National Park Service, Rocky Mountains CESU (Report)

Campbell, Greg, Rapid Ethnographic Assessment of Fort Laramie NHS

Catton, Theodore, Landscape History & Significance Statement for Glacier NP Headquarters Historic District (Report: Statement of Significance; Physical History; Historical Context; Appendix 1; Bibliography)

Duffield, John, Economic Values of National Park System Visitation: Meta Analysis, System-wide Application, and Reference Methodology Analysis (Report)

Flores, Dan, Bighorn Canyon History: The River Before the Dam (Report)

Hendrix, Marc, Re-evaluation of Glacial Lake Missoula National Natural Landmark for Boundary Expansion

Keyes, Christopher, Inventory of Forest Structure and Composition and the Development
Site-Specific Prescriptions for Two Mechanical Treatment Units in Whiskeytown NRA, phase 2

Langner, Heiko, Native fisheries ecological and contaminants assessment in Glacier National Park (Report)

Luikart, Gordon, Monitoring Genetic Variation and Parasite Abundance in Bighorn Sheep from Rocky Mountain National Park

MacDonald, Douglas, Research Assistance in Preparation for a Historic Structures Strategy for Yellowstone National Park

MacDonald, Douglas, University of Montana Archeological and Geomorphological Inventory and NR Testing on the East Shore of Yellowstone Lake (NPS Report; UM Report)

MacDonald, Douglas, University of Montana Field School National Register Testing at Sheepeater Cliffs, and additional work at Fishing Bridge, Horse Trailer Parking, and Isa Lake Bridge (NPS Report; UM Geomorphology Report; UM Report)

Moisey, Neil, CESU Network 10-year Program Inventory and Evaluation, Phase III

Sattler, Richard, RM-CESU Research Report Data Management and Tracking

Servheen, Christopher, Climate change impacts on key carnivores in the Northern Rockies: the combined effects of climate change, fragmentation, and human activities on grizzly and wolverine populations in the transboundary Flathead and Glacier Park ecosystem, years 2 and 3 (Progress Report)

Servheen, Christopher, The impacts of multi-use pathways on black bears in Grand Teton National Park (Report)

Thompson, Sally, Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Tribal Legacy, Curriculum Development-Phase 3 & 4 (Report

Watson, Vicki, Develop an Aquatic Nuisance and Invasive Species Field Guide for the Crown of the Continent (Report)

Yung, Laurie, NPS (Terrestrial) Ecosystem Climate Change Adaptation:  A Framework for Goal-Setting


Cherry, Steve, Statistical assistance on sample design and data analysis for Vital Signs Monitoring in the Greater Yellowstone Network Inventory and Monitoring Program (Project Accomplishments Report 2010; Report)

Hansen, Andy, Developing methods for monitoring change in conifer cover across biophysical gradients in national parks

Kipfer, Todd, Cutthroat Trout Conservation Capacity Building in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Exotic Snail Inventory and Macroinvertebrate Identification at Yellowstone (Progress Report; Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Greater Yellowstone Climate Workshop, Peer Review and Publication (Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Learning Center Climate and Resource Science Communication Assistance (Report)

Kipfer, Todd, National Park Service Vital Signs Inventory and Monitoring: technical and operational support to the Greater Yellowstone Network parks (Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Trumpeter Swan Status and Management Options Workshop (Report; Yellowstone Science Article)

LaChapelle, Paul, Science and Community Involvement for Yellowstone National Park Winter Use Environmental Impact Statement and Rulemaking (Report)

McGowen, Pat, Evaluating Non-Motorized Pathway Use in Grand Teton National Park – Post-Pathway, 2010 (UW-NPS 2011 Annual Report; Report)

Marlow, Clayton, Determining feasible methodology for restoring campground riparian forest area, Devils Tower National Monument, WY (Report)

Marlow, Clayton, Identification of Interflow Pathways and Potential Wetland Sites in the Kelly Hayfields
(Progress Report; Report)

Neeley, Mike, Develop Shelter Curriculum for Project Archeology Partnership (Report; Teacher Instructions, Studnet Assignment)

Olson, Bret, Expansion of Behave Research and Program (Cows Eating Weeds) (Report)

Olson, Bret, Research and Document NPS-Era Agricultural Practices at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS

Rew, Lisa, Research Fencing to Protect Resources at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report; NPS Report)

Rifki, Faith, Sustainability Internship Program – Collecting the Intermountain Region’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Report)

Roberts, David, Climate Change Scenario Planning: Four Species of Concern in Southwestern Utah Parks/Monuments (Report; Park Science)

Roberts, David, Impacts of Fuel Treatment Methods on Soils and Management Recommendations for Future Fuel Treatments in Yellowstone National Park (Report; Map)

Roberts, David, Resource Management Baseline Information Synthesis: Soil Inventory and Potential Climate Change Effects for Death Valley National Park (Report)

Ross, Rocky, Web Management and Development for Crown of the Continent Science & Learning Network

Sigler, Adam, Monitoring water quality at Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Tobias, Ronald, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is enhancing the park website with Podcasts (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Climate and Ecological Responses to Climate Change in the Rocky Mountains and Upper Columbia Basin: a Synthesis of the Best Available Science (Report 2010; Report 2011; Brief; Video - Climate Change and High Elevatoin National Parks)

Zabinski, Cathy, Assessment of Integrated Pest Management Tools and Techniques for Managing Invasive Plants in Ten Small Parks served by the Northern Rocky Mountains Exotic Plant Management Team (EPMT) (Report; Management Plan)


Hall, Troy, Developing a Monitoring Protocol for Visitor Experience and Recreation Demand at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (Report)

Hicke, Jeffrey, Characterize rapid landscape scale change in woodlands using time series imagery

Hollenhorst, Steven, Economic Values of National Park System Visitation: VSP Core Questions and Analysis of Economic Impacts and Benefits (Report)

Le, Lena, National Park Service, Visitor Services Project (Reports: Death Valley NP backcounrty; San Juan NHS; Ninety Six NHS; Little River Canyon National Preserve; George Washington Carver National Monument; Chattahoochee River NRA; Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP; Fort Union National Monument; Curecanti NRA; Richmond National Battlefield; Rocky Mountain NP; New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park; Wind Cave NP; Niobrara National Scenic River; Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area; Fossil Butte National Monument; Joshua Tree NP; VSP Online Database)

Machlis, Gary, Scenario Building Sessions for the Strategic Sciences Working Group on Mississippi Canyon 252/Deepwater Horizon oil spill

McDaniel, Paul, Soil Analysis of the Northern Portion of the NPS Weippe Prairie Site (Report)

Smith, Alistair, Smoke and Air Quality Coursework and Position Recommendations

Smith, Alistair, Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fire, 2001 Edition Revision Project

Wright, Gerry, Pikas in peril: multi-regional vulnerability assessment of a climate-sensitive sentinel species (Interim Report; Article - Journal of Mammalogy; NPS Video - Pikas Living on the Edge; Report-Narrative; Report-Standard Operating Procedures)

Wright, Gerry, Technical assistance for the Upper Columbia Basin Network including database development, GIS, and science communication (UCBN Newletter; Report)


Anderson, Robert, Yosemite’s Melting Glaciers (Interim Report; Report)

Janke, Jason, Permafrost Education for Students and Staff (Report; Slideshow; Journal Article)

Lee, Craig, INSTAAR participation, Ice Patches as Sources of Archeological and Paleoecological Data in Climate Change Research in Glacier National Park (Year 1 UC-INSTAAR Report; 2010 Report)

Martin, Andrew, Using mtDNA and microsatellites from current reference populations and museum specimens to explore the heritage of cutthroat trout in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Montgomery, Bruce, Archive, Accession, and Catalog Materials in the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument’s General Files to Prevent Loss of Significant Historical Data, Phase Two (Report)

Montgomery, Bruce, Catalog and scan the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area 1970s aerial photograph collection into the Interior Collection Management System (ICMS), and catalog pre-1987 archives into ICMS (Report-Obenchain; Report-Epple)

Montgomery, Bruce, USS Arizona Memorial and World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument Archives Project

Newport, Dave, Sustainability Internship Program – Collecting the Intermountain Region’s GHG emissions (Report)

Ray, Chris, Pikas in peril: multi-regional vulnerability assessment of a climate-sensitive sentinel species (Abstract; Article - Journal of Mammalogy; NPS Video - Pikas Living on the Edge; Report)

Spaulding, Sarah, Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen in Grand Teton NP: determining biological effects on algal communities in alpine lakes (Report; 2011 Report; 2010 Report)

Williams, Mark, Coastal Health of Southeast National Parks: Multi-Scale Analysis and Synthesis

Williams, Mark, Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network Stream Ecological Integrity Monitoring, Water Chemistry Project


Allen, Casey, The Rock Art Research Program: continuing RASI at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona (Report; Article)

Burton, Lloyd, Place and Native Voice (2009 Interim Report; PNV intern - Luis Garcia)

Nemeth, Jeremy, Geographic Resources Program (GRP) GIS Technical Support (Report)

Thomas, Deb, NPS Air Resources Information and Outreach

Vlahos, Ekaterini, NPS Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) Documentation of Parallel Wall House and Saddlehorn Hamlet Pueblos, Cortez, CO (Report)


Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood R, Development and testing of instrumentation and software for acoustical monitoring in National Parks

Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood R, Measuring variation in sound propagation and monitoring wildlife responses to road noise at Glacier NP; developing an acoustical monitoring plan for Grand Canyon Parashant NM (GLAC Report)

Barborak, Jim, Innovative Partnerships for Managing Tourism and Recreation in World Heritage Sites and Other Protected Areas

Bell, Paul, Advanced analysis toward metrics of human responses to natural sound environments

Bowser, Gillian, Integrating Natural Resource and Cultural Sensitivity with Energy Conservation Recommendations for Historic Structures in Rocky Mountain National Park through Student Design Teams, phases 1 and 2 (Report)

Bright, AlanLewis and Clark National Historical Trail Auto Tour Route Wayshowing Assessment and Plan (Report)

Brown, Cynthia, Develop & Implement Vegetation Restoration Effectiveness Monitoring Program (NPS Report; Report)

Collett, Jr., Jeffrey, Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountain Region (Report; Article #1; Article #2)

Cooper, David, Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring of the Lower Halstead Meadow Wetland Restoration Project (Report #1; Report #2)

Cooper, David, Restoration Implementation Plan for Drakesbad Meadow, Lassen Volcanic National Park, California (Report)

Cooper, David, Vanishing Wetlands of Yellowstone National Park’s Northern Range: Watersheds, Hydrology, Soils, and Vegetation Past, Present and Future (Report)

Cooper, David, Wetland Ecological Integrity Monitoring in Glacier National Park (Report)

Cooper, David, Who’s the Culprit?  Food Web Structure and the Stability of Alternative Stable States on Yellowstone’s Northern Range

Cooper, David, Willow Decline in Rocky Mountain National Park: Examining the Interactions of Drought, Ungulate Browsing, Sapsuckers, and Cytospora Fungal Infection (2010 Interim Report; 2011 Interim Report, Report)

Crooks, Kevin, Effects of pathway activities on behavior and distribution of Rocky Mountain elk and pronghorn antelope in Grand Teton National Park (Report; Article)

Crooks, Kevin, The impacts of anthropogenic noise on wildlife: experiments, modeling and collaborative conservation (2013 Article; 2011 Article; 2009 Article)

Decker, Karin, Lead editing and writing assistance with vegetation mapping reports (Report)

Decker, Karin, Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network Climate Change Resource Briefs (Report)

Fassnacht, Steven, Understanding the Historical and Potential Future Effects of Climate Change on Water-Dependent Cultural and Natural Resources in West Hawaii

Fiege, Mark, Development of a Resource Stewardship Strategy for Pecos National Historical Park (Completion Report; Report)

Fiege, Mark, Environmental History of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Night Sky Visibility Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation

Hannah, Judith, Inventorying and Monitoring Natural Resources Status and Trends in the National Park System – Geologic Resources Inventory

Hobbs, Tom, Effects of Chronic Wasting Disease on Elk Population Dynamics in Rocky Mountain National Park

Johnson, Brett, Tracking Brown Trout and Lake Trout Predation on Kokanee at Curecanti National Recreation Area (2010 Progress Report; 2011 Progress Report;Report)

Kelly, Eugene, Soil Resources Inventory Project

Loftis, Jim, Assessment of Aquatic Invasive Species in National Park Waters (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Compilation and Development of National Park Service Water Resources Databases and Tools (Report)

Loftis, Jim, GIS technical support for NPS Intermountain Region Geographic Resources Program (Report)

Loftis, JimGuidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Program Center (NRPC) of the National Park Service, making the latest Design technology available to the NRPC (Report)

Manfredo, Michael, The Social Sciences of Climate Change Collaboration: Advancing social science contributions to climate change response planning (Report; Article; Technical Report)

Meiman, Paul, Biological Resource Management in National Parks – Invasive Species Management

Moench, Randy and Sundstrom, Gregory, Propagate Native Trees and Shrubs to Restore Visitor Use Areas Impacted by Bark Beetle Infestation (Report)

Nett, Terry, Evaluation of the Effects of Fertility Control on the Reproductive Behaviors and Activity Budgets of Feral Horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Newman, Peter, A Social Normative Study of Backcountry Visitor’s Acoustic Expectations and Experiences in Denali Park and Preserve (Progress Report; NPS Report; Report)

Newman, Peter, Development of Visitor-based Acoustical Indicators and Standards

Newman, Peter & Kevin Crooks, Science workshop to support winter use planning at Yellowstone NP

Nissen, Scott, Long-term Evaluations of Tamarisk Control and Management Efforts at Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, La Junta, CO (Progress Report)

Noon, Barry, 2010 Occupancy of beaver (Castor canadensis) and beaver –habitat relationships in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Executive Summary; Report)

Ore, Janet, Implement Light Study Recommendations and Conduct Preventative Museum Preservation Tasks at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Ore, Janet, Implement Museum Plan Recommendations and Conduct Preventative Museum Preservation Tasks at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Rathburn, Sara, Developing a Debris Flow Chronology and Assessing Controls on Debris Flow Occurrence Along the Upper Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Rathburn, Sara, Hydrologic and Sediment Transport Monitoring: Planning for Channel Restoration along Lulu Creek and Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Sanders, Thomas, Migration of Images and Database of National Park Service Water-Right Dockets to PDF Format and then to a National Park Service Website

Self, James, Appalachian Highlands Inventory and Monitoring Network Water Quality Analysis (Report)

Sibold, Jason, Mountain pine beetle altered forest fuel influences on wildfire in Glacier National Park (Report)

Sibold, Jason, Regeneration Status and Dynamics of Rare Ponderosa Pine (Pinus Ponderosa) Stands in Western Rocky Mountain National Park (Progress Report; Report)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance to the National Park Service Wildlife Health Team
(Progress Report; Journal of Wildlife Diseases)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance for Veterinary Pathology and Diagnostic Services for NPS Wildlife Species

Sprouse, William, Develop, verify, process, maintain, and document information in support of the National Park Service’s natural resource and cultrual resouce-related data and information systems (2009 Report; 2010 Report)

Stallones, Lorann, A Collaborative Approach to Promoting One Health in the NPS 

Stevens, Joe, Alpine Biodiversity and Soils Monitoring Utilizing the Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA) Field Methods

Stevens, Joe, Biological Resource Management in National Parks- Vegetation Mapping Information Management and Delivery in support of the NPS Vegetation Mapping Inventory, the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program

Swift, David, Investigation of Nitrogen Deposition into Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report; Phase 2 Report)

Teel, Tara, Understanding audiences to Get the Lead Out of NPS environments (Report)

Thompson, Jessica, Develop communications materials for natural resource topics, management activities, and issues (Report)

Val Martin, Maria, Effects of the Changing Climate on Air Quality in the U.S. National Parks (Study Plan; Report)

Zeidler, James, Revise CADEnCE Condition Assessment Program (Report)

Zimmerman, Don, Technical support to finalize social science surveys for ROMO (Report-Backcounty Campers; Report- Wildlife Management Practices)


Hurley, Patricia, Summer 2011 Restoration Intern at Glacier National Park (2011 Report; 2010 Report) 


Bell, David, Utah Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program – Technical Assistance (Report; Products: Brian Head Trail Master Plan; Brian HeadInterpretive Master Plan; Sevier County Trailhead Plan; Moab, UT – Lions Park)

Brunson, Mark, Content development for Science Learning Centers of the Intermountain Region (NPS Videos - BEOL, FOUN, PECO)

Brunson, Mark, Science Communication Assistance (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Species Relationships of Monteverde Costa Rica with Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Power Point; Bird Poster)

Cannon, Molly Boeka and Kenneth Cannon, Evaluation of Historical and Archeological Documentation, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (2010 Progress Report; 2011 Progress Report)

Damitz, Sean, PLC-FY10 Maintain Historic Railroad Grade (Report)

Damitz, Sean, YCC – FY10 Preserve Historic Structures on the West Auto Tour (Report)

Monz, Christopher, Visitor Experience and Social Science Indicators of NPS-Alaska coastal resources (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Systematic Monitoring of Thermal Springs and Features in Yellowstone National Park for Estimating Heat Flow and Detecting Change (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Visualization of the Mammoth Hydrothermal System, Yellowstone National Park Headquarters, and the Controlled Groundwater Area of the Montana Compact (Report)

Sullivan, Kim, Home Range and Resource Use of Clark’s Nutcrackers, Phase 2 (Report)

Timmons, Michael, Cultural Landscape Report, Parts One and Two


Svingen, Orlan, Process and Catalog Resource Management Records, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area and Nez Perce National Historical Park (Report)

Wolff, John, Geochemical Analyses of Borehole Cuttings From Yellowstone National Park (Report)


Baker, William, Landscape Condition Analysis, Dinosaur National Monument—Uintah County, UT and Moffat County, CO

Bump, Ben, Wyoming Conservation Corps assistance on historic structures and cultural landscapes (Report)

Burke, Ingrid, Support for the Production of the Proceedings of the 10th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Report-Proceedings Tenth Biennial Scientific Conference 2010)

Chalfoun, Anna, Effects of pathways within Grand Teton National Park on avian abundance, distribution, diversity, and productivity of focal species (Report)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Research Center, Small Grants (Report - YELL Raptor Initiative)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Small Grants Program, 2010-2011 (2011 Awards)

Humston, Mary, Determination of Eligibility (DOE) for Elk Ranch (Report)

Kelly, Robert, Establishing a Visual Database of Current Natural and Cultural Resource Related Programs Available for Visitor Education In Bighorn Canyon NRA

Kelly, Robert, Ice Patches as Sources of Archeological and Paleoecological Data in Climate Change Research in Glacier National Park (Year 1 UC-INSTAAR Report; 2010 Report; 2011 Report)

Sanders, Paul, Along the Trail with the Nez Perce: The Summer of 1877 in 2010, Yellowstone National Park

Sanders, Paul, Class III Cultural Resource Inventory of the Teton Valley Ranch Area (Report)

Sanders, Paul, Data Recovery for Mitigation of Site 48YE128, Yellowstone National Park, Phase 1 Excavationsand Phase 2 Analysis of Archeological Materials and Final Report Production (Report)

Sanders, Paul, Develop Historic Context for Yellowstone’s Backcountry Trails

Taylor, Patricia, Evaluation and Assessment of “Be Bear Aware” Information at Grand Teton NP (Report; UW-NPS 2011 Annaul Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Comparing Stream Invertebrate Assemblages Before and After Wildfire in Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, The Land Snails of Devils Tower National Monument (Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Monitoring Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Little Missouri River and the Knife River (Knife River Report; Little Missouri River Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Survey of Two Extremely Rare Terrestrial Snails at Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Report)