2012 Projects - NPS


Apple, Martha (Montana Tech), Measuring Impacts to Rare Peripheral Arctic-Alpine Plants at the Edges of Permanent Snow Fields/Glaciers that are receding due to Climate Change in Glacier National Park (Report; Species List)

Berger, Joel, Trans-Beringia Muskoxen — Creation of Ecological Baselines in an Era of Arctic Warming (Report)

Broberg, Len, Climate Change and National Parks Wilderness Review (NPS Completion Report; Report)

Brockbank, Kevin, Fort Missoula Regional Park Interpretive Loop Trail (Report)

Brown, Perry, CESU Network National Office (YIP) Fellowships (Fellows: Brian Gates, Ashley Jordan; Reports: Ashley Jordan)

Burchfield, Jim and Lisa Gerloff, Jerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship Program  (2013 Fellowship Awardees)

Reports from 2013 Fellowship Awardees:
Cristina McKernan, Colorado State University: The Effects of Glacier Loss on Alpine and Subalpine Riparian Vegetation in Glacier National Park, Montana (Brief; Thesis)

Elizabeth Pansing, University of Colorado Denver: Role of microsite type, cache pilferage, and elevation in whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis Engelm.) regeneration in the Northern Rocky Mountains: Implications for restoration and climate change (Brief; Thesis)

Burchfield, Jim, Workshops and Program Support for National Park Service, RM-CESU (Report)

Krausman, Paul, Summer Intern to work with Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center, Glacier NP, Summer 2013

Smucker, Kristina, Promoting Avian Conservation at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report; Bird PPT; Bird List, Field Methods)

Campbell, Greg, Complete Ethnographic Overview & Assessment Study for Little Bighorn Battlefield (Report)

Campbell, Greg, Rapid Ethnographic Assessment of Fort Laramie NHS (Report)

Covelli, Libby, Promote Sustainability and Native American Engagement (Report)

Duffield, John, Economic Values of National Park System Resources Along the Colorado River – Phase III Data Collection and Analysis – Passive Use Values (Report)

Eby, Lisa, Transboundary Fish Population Aging (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Developing a Social Research Plan for Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, GTSR Corridor Management Plan-Visitor Management Research, Glacier National Park (Report)

Greene, Erick, Peregrine Falcon Survey (Report)

Keyes, Christopher, Inventory of Forest Structure and Composition and the Development Site-Specific Prescriptions for Two Mechanical Treatment Units in Whiskeytown NRA, phase 3 (Report)

Lukacs, Paul, Applying spatial models to better understand the nature of ship-whale encounters in and near Glacier Bay National Park (Report)

MacDonald, Douglas, University of Montana Archeological NR Testing on the South Shore of Yellowstone Lake & Data Synthesis (Report)

MacDonald, Douglas, Yellowstone Archaeology Technical Assistance Project (Report)

Rice, Peter, Develop Prescriptive Re-seeding Plan for Preserving Hay Field Component at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site (Report)

Riddering, Jim, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Western Montana Node (Report)

Sheriff, Steven and Douglas MacDonald, Phase I of Visitor Center National Register Archeology: Remote Sensing (Report)

Thompson, Sally, Flathead Wild and Scenic River Outstanding Resource Values Ethnographic Study (Report)


Austin, C. Graham, Branding of an Ecosystem Wide Bear Safety Message (Report)

Endecott, Rachel, Provide Science Based Livestock Nutrition, Husbandry, and Behavior Direction  for Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Kack, David, Livingston, MT and Cody, WY YELL-ITS Road Status Signs (Report)

Kipfer, Todd, Estimating grizzly bear use of large ungulate carcasses with GPS telemetry data (Report)

McWethy, David, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Node (Report)

Olsen, Bret, Promote Preservation of Resources through Monitoring at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (2012 Report; Plant Species PPT; Bird Species PPT)

Roberts, Dave, Support implementation of five needle pine climate change response project (2012 Report; Report)

Roberts, Dave, Understanding whitebark pine demographics associated with established long-term monitoring plots in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and surrounding US Forest Service lands (Report; Poster)

Rotella, Jay, Lake Trout Population Size Estimate for Yellowstone Lake (Report)

Tobias, Ronald, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is enhancing the park website with Podcasts, phase 2 (Report)

Villwock-Witte, Natalie, Rocky Mountain National Park Intelligent Transportation System/Shuttle Modification for the 2012 Bear Lake Corridor Construction (Report)

Whitlock, Kathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Great Northern LCC (Report)

Whitlock, Kathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Greater Yellowstone I&M Network (Report)


Camp, Stacey, 2012 NPS Archeology Program Webinar Series (Report)

Hall, Troy, Developing a Monitoring Protocol for Visitor Experience and Recreation Demand at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (Report)

Hall, Troy, Social Science Research for Wilderness Planning in Yosemite National Park, phase 1 and phase 2 (Report)

Le, Lena  National Park Service, Visitor Services Project (VSP Online Database)

Le, Lena, Social values of ecosystem services in national parks – Cape Lookout National Seashore (Report)

Morgan, Penepole, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Idaho Node (Report)

Smith, Alistair, Air Quality and Smoke Management for Land Mangers and Smokepedia for use by Fire Managers in the IMR (Report)

Smith, Alistair, Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fire, 2001 Edition Revision Project (Report)

Smith, Alistair, Wildfire decisions and air quality: 4 hour online course (Report)

Wright, Gerry, Pikas in peril: multi-regional vulnerability assessment of a climate-sensitive sentinel species (Interim Report; Article - Journal of Mammalogy; NPS Video - Pikas Living on the Edge; Report-Narrative; Report-Standard Operating Procedures)

Wright, Gerry, Technical assistance for the Upper Columbia Basin Network including database development, GIS, and science communication (UCBN Newletter; Report)


Bowman, William, Plant community effects on alpine ecosystem response to nitrogen deposition (Report)

Lee, Craig, Ice Patch Archeology: Orthorectification of Aerial Photography for Glacier National Park, Montana (Report)

Mann, Ralph, History and Evaluation of Significance of Boggsville, CO (Report)

Montgomery, Bruce, Yosemite Archive Backlog Cataloging Project (Report)

Seastedt, Timothy, Assessment of Grassland Condition and Development of Reference Conditions for Bent’s Old Fort, Fort Davis, and Fort Larned National Historic Sites (Report)

Williams, Mark, Sierra Nevada Network Lake Monitoring and Water Chemistry (Report)


Marlow, Mike, Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) Program Curriculum Support (Report)

Nemeth, Jeremy, Geographic Resources Program (GRP) GIS Technical Support (Report)

Noel, Tom, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program Internship (Report)

Ruppert, David, Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) Nomination for Rainbow Bridge National Monument (Report)

Thomas, Deb, NPS Air Resources Information and Outreach Assistance (Report)

Vlahos, Ekaterini, Heritage Partnerships Program 3D Digital Documentation (Report)

Vlahos, Ekaterini, Heritage Partnerships Program 3D Digital Documentation Best Practices (Report)

Vlahos, Ekaterini, LiDAR Scanning of the Pedro Trujillo Homestead for Resource Protection and Education at Great Sand Dunes (Brief; Report)


Evanoff, Emmett, New geologic mapping at Scotts Bluff National Monument and Chimney Rock National Historic Landmark (Report)

Franklin, Scott, Biotic Diversity of Aspen Stands In RMNP: Effects of Browsing Exclosures (NPS Report; Report)


Aldridge, Cameron, Identification of critical brood habitat requirements for Gunnison Sage-grouse (Article; Report)

Barborak, Jim, Innovative Partnerships for Managing Tourism and Recreation in World Heritage Sites and Other Protected Areas (Report)

Bailey, Larissa, Investigating the impact of introduced, endangered cutthroat trout on boreal toad breeding success and recruitment (Report)

Bend, Ron, Develop videos for climate change and natural resource topics (Report)

Collett, Jr., Jeffrey, Characterizing Sources, Transport, and Deposition of Atmospheric Reactive Nitrogen in National Parks (Report)

Cooper, David, Hydrological Analysis and Pilot Restoration of Artificially-Drained Wet Meadows at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado (Report)

Cooper, David, Monitoring the Second Phase of Salt Spring Habitat Restoration for the Rare Salt Grass Puccinellia howellii at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area (Report)

Cooper, David, Pre- and Post-Restoration Monitoring, Drakesbad Meadow, Lassen Volcanic National Park, California (Report)

Cooper, DavidRestore historic wetlands near mouth of Rodeo Lagoon at Golden Gate NRA, Marin County, California (Restoration PlanPlanting Plan)

Cooper, David, Wetland Ecological Integrity Data Analysis and Reporting (Report)

Cooper, DavidWetland Ecological Integrity Monitoring in Glacier National Park (Report)

Fassnacht, Steven, Spatial and Temporal Trends in Snowpack Dynamics in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Night Sky Visibility Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Visibility Data Analysis and Image Display Techniques (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Web-Based Environmental Database Supporting Air Resource Management in National Park and Forest Service Lands (Report)

Hannah, Judith, Inventorying and Monitoring Natural Resources Status and Trends in the National Park System – Geologic Resources Inventory (Report)

Hobbs, Tom, Develop Servicewide Review and Population Models for Ungulate Management in the National Park Service (Report)

Hooten, Mevin, Development of a Novel, Statistically Valid Methodology for Corridor Identification for National Park Service Biological Resources Projects (Report)

Johnson, Brett, Tracking Lake Trout Diet and Trophic Interactions in Blue Mesa Reservoir Using Stable Isotopes (2010 Progress Report; 2011 Progress Report;NPS Report; Report)

Kelly, Eugene, Soil Resources Inventory Project (Report)

Kondratieff, Boris, Complete Museum Pest Plan for Little Bighorn Battlefield (Abstract; Report)

Kuhn, Bernadette, Potential National Natural Landmark (NNL) Evaluations (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Continuation of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and Mobile Mapping Research and Development for the NPS GIS Program (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Developing and Enhancing National Water Quality Databases for Clean Water Act Integrated Reporting(Report)

Loftis, Jim, Enterprise Digital Information Management Research for the NPS (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Southeast Coast Network Database Program (Report)

Lyon, Peggy and Bernadette Kuhn, Rare Plant Monitoring and Database Development at BLCA and CURE (Report)

Newman, Peter, Development of Visitor-based Acoustical Indicators and Standards (Report)

Newman, Peter, Identify Data Needs and Develop Protocols to Support Wilderness Character Monitoring in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Newman, Peter, Soundscape Study for ATMP and Soundscape Planning at Bandelier National Monument (Report)

Ore, Janet, Correct Museum Records and Preservation Deficiencies with Collections at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Ore, Janet, National Register of Historic Places Nomination Update Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Registration Forms: Little Bighorn National Monument; American Indian Memorial; Custer Battlefield; Reno-Benteen Battlefield)

Pejchar, Liba, Investigating the impact of willow condition on abundance and species richness of small mammals and birds (Progress Report; Report)

Rathburn, Sara, Evaluating River Morphologic Changes for Restoration Planning, Design and Monitoring using Airborne LiDAR, Upper Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Rocca, Mounique, How Does Disturbance Interact with Climate to Shape Vegetation Patterns in Rocky Mountain National Park? (Report)

Sanders, Thomas, Water rights activity assessment, and water rights records research and management in protection of water and aquatic resources of Units of the National Park System (Report)

Sibold, Jason, Rocky Mountain National Park Fuels Map Refinement (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance to the National Park Service Wildlife Health Team
Progress Report; Journal of Wildlife Diseases)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance for Veterinary Pathology and Diagnostic Services for NPS Wildlife Species (Report)

Sprouse, William, Develop, verify, process, maintain, and document information in support of the National Park Service’s natural resource and cultrual resouce-related data and information systems (2009 Report; 2010 Report)

Stallones, Lorann, A Collaborative Approach to Promoting One Health in the NPS (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Vegetation Inventory Program Support: guidance, reports, field data, ecological services in support of the NPS Vegetation Inventory Program and IMR parks (focus on Fort Union) (Report)

Swift, David, Investigation of Nitrogen Deposition into Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Teel, Tara, Providing strategic social science support for priority natural resource topics, management activities, and issues (Report)

Warnock, Andrew, Develop communications materials for natural resource topics, management activities, and issues (Report)

Wilson, Kenneth, Biostatistical Support for National Park Service Biological Resources Projects (Report)

Wilson, Kenneth, Monitoring wildlife responses to noise at the Piceance Basin, western Colorado (Report)

Zimmerman, Donald, Provide guidance and technical support to the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate (Report)


Bendremer, Jeff, Cultural History and Archeology of Four Transboundary Kootenai Indian Trails (Report)

Leighton, Adrian, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Tribal Node (Report)


Brunson, Mark, Develop Outreach and Interpretive Materials to Communicate Best Management Practices for Confronting Illegal Marijuana Cultivation in Parks (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Preparation of a Natural Resource Condition Assessment Reports for Bent’s Old Fort, Fort Davis, and Fort Larned National Historic Sites (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Science Communication Assistance, Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Science Communication Assistance, Yosemite National Park (Report)

Hill, Scott & Martin, Randy, Uintah Basin 2011-12 Winter Ozone Air Quality Study – Horsepool Site (Report)

Monz, Christoper, Campsite Monitoring Analysis and Protocol Development for Glacier Bay National Park (Report)

Monz, Christopher, Visitor Experience and Social Science Indicators of NPS-Alaska coastal resources (Report)

Neale, Christopher, Heat Flow and Change Detection of Hydrothermal Features in Yellowstone National Park Using High Resolution Airborne Remote Sensing (Report)


McCoy, Robert, Process and Catalog Park Central Files Nez Perce National Historical Park, Spalding, Idaho (NPS Report; Report)


Grandjean, Burke, Redefining Visitor Status in the Comprehensive Survey of the American Public (Report)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Research Center, Small Grants (Report)

Harlow, Hank, UW-NPS Research Center Support, 2012-13 (Report)

Keinath, Doug, Interpretation of the Ecology of Bats at Devil’s Tower National Monument (Report)

Kelly, Robert, Bad Pass Trail Ethnographic Research/Fieldwork & Revised National Register Nomination (Report)

Kelly, Robert, Ice Patches as Sources of Archeological and Paleoecological Data in Climate Change Research in Glacier National Park: Year Three (Report)

Kelly, Robert, Student Intern Opportunities at Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Newsome, Seth, Stable Isotope Analysis of San Miguel and Santa Rosa Island Foxes and Their Prey: Characterizing Dietary Preferences Across Islands and Habitats (Report)

Peacock, N. Kendall, Historic Ranch Restoration, Bighorn Canyon NRA (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Geological Studies on the North Entrance Road, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Peterson, Marcia and Sanders, Paul, Moose Exhibit Site 48YE201:  Final Data Recovery Report and preparation of various journal (Report)

Robinson, Timothy, Statistical Consulting for Environmental Monitoring Projects (Report)

Sanders, Paul, Complete analysis and report of Year 1 of the Nez Perce National Historic Trail Archeological Investigation (ReportNPS Report)

Sanders, PaulData Recovery for Mitigation of Site 48YE128, Yellowstone National Park, Phase 1 Excavationsand Phase 2 Analysis of Archeological Materials and Final Report Production (Report)

Sanders, Paul, Moose Exhibit Site 48YE201: Artifact Analysis, Geoarcheological Report, Macrobotanical Analysis, Geochemical Research, and Final Data Recovery Report Production (Report)

Schmidt, Larry, Digital Imaging of Plant Specimens for Fort Laramie National Historic Site (Report; NPS Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Macroinvertebrates at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (2011 Report; Report)


McDermid, Greg, Crown of the Continent Ecological Indicators-Trend Analysis (Report)


Evans, Andrew, Determination of Available Phosphorus in Frost Affected Tundra and Alpine Soils and the Factors Affecting Phosphorus Transport (Report)