2015 - Projects


Callaway, Ragan, Development of an early detection of invasive plantsmonitoring protocol for the Mojave Desert Network Inventory and Monitoring Program (Report)

Condon, Phil, Science Communication Internship at the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center, Glacier National Park, Summer 2015 (Report)

Duffield, John, Economic Values of National Park System Resources Along the Colorado River (Report)

Freimund, WayneEvaluate the Effectiveness of Wildlife Safety Messaging for Visitors, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Freimund, Wayne, Native Student Internship Program (Report)

Hoff, Valenijn, Spatial Analysis pf the Influence of Fire Severity on forest Structutes on the North Rim of the Gand Canyon National Park using LiDAR and CBI corrected MTBS data(Report)

Lukacs, Paul, Detection and avoidance of whales by cruise ships in Glacier Bay National Park (Report)

Patterson, Mike, Rocky Mountains CESU Program Support (Report)

Patterson, Mike & Gerloff, Lisa, CESU ROMO – Leadership, Coordination, and Administrative Oversight for the Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit  (Report)

Patterson, Mike & Gerloff, Lisa, 2015-16 Jerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship Program 

Report from 2015 Fellowship Awardee:
Cheyenne Stirling, Undergraduate, Montana State Univeristy:  Bats in Buildings: Assessing Human Structures as Roost Sites in Glacier National Park (Brief, Poster, Report)

Rice, Peter, Evaluate the effectiveness of noxious weed management through inventory and establishment of long-term monitoring plots at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS, phase 3 (Report)

Rice, Peter, Superfund Document Review, Meeting Attendance, and Restoration Effectiveness Evaluation (Report)

Shaw, Glenn (Montana Tech), Stream Ecological Integrity Monitoring at Grant-Kohrs RanchRelative to Clark Fork Restoration and Remediation, 2015-2020 (Report)


Adams, Ed, Snowroad Rutting Study, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Adams, Ed, Snowroad Deterioration and Oversnow Vehicle Impact Study (Report)

Amende, Kevin, Sustainable Operations and Facility Adaption, 2015/2016, Yellowstone NP (Report)

Arlitsch, Kenning, Innovations in Communicating Science at Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Arlitsch, Kenning, Voices of Science (Report)

Guy, Christopher, Mobile Tracking of Lake Trout on Yellowstone Lake (Report)

Olsen Bret, FY15 – FY 18 Promote Preservation of Resources through Monitoring at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS – Years 4 - 7 (Report)

Shaw, Joseph, Development and testing LIDAR to study insect responses tolight and noise (Report)

Sowell, Bok, Carrion Abundance and Grizzly Bear Scavenging in the Gardiner Basin, MT and Yellowstone National Park, 1989 – 2015 (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Improve Online Resource Information for the Public, Yellowstone National Park (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Interagency Bison Management Plan Agency Facilitation (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Great Northern LCC, year 4 (Report)

Zale, Alexander, Effect of Water Chemistry and Pressure on Lake Trout Embryos and Fry, Yellowstone National Park (Report)


Conway, Courtney, Satellite Telemetry of Yuma Ridgway’s Rail to ascertain localhabitat use and long distance movement corridors (Report)

Morgan, Penepole, Implementing the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network to Facilitate Fire Science Communication: Idaho Node (Report)

Wilson, Patrick, Innovations in Communicating Science at Yellowstone National Park (Report)


Caffrey, MariaProviding Sea Level Change and Storm Surge Projections for All Coastal Parks (Report)

Carpenter, Kristen, NPS, Intermountain Region Treaty Research Project (Report)


Arnold, Suzanne, Teacher Ranger Teacher Program (Report)

Nemeth, Jeremy, Cooperative GIS Internship with the NPS Intermountain Region (Report)

Noel, Tom, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program Internship (Report)

Noel, Tom, SWBRPP Internship (Report)

Ruppert, David, Conduct Documentation and Evaluation of the Significance ofand Resources Related to the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail (HITR) within Glen CanyonNational Recreation Area; to include Oral History Interviews (Report)

Ruppert, David, Intermountain Region Office of Indian Affairs and American Culture (IAAC) Internship (Report)

Thomas, Deborah, Assist with Air Resources Management Activities and Contribute to Projects that Present NPS Air Resources Information to Park Units and the Public (Report)

Vlahos, EkateriniHeritage Partnerships Program 3D Digital Documentation (Report)


Barton, Karen, Creating G.I.S. Sound Maps of Rocky Mountain National Park Using Citizen Science(Report)


Alexander, Ruth, Scotts Bluff In-Depth Historical Research & Documentation (Report)

Anderson, Ashley, Effective communication of Natural Resource Conditions in Parks (Report)

Angeloni, Lisa, Wildlife sensory ecology research(Report)

Bailey, Larissa, UnderstandinWildlife sensory ecology researchg boreal toad tadpole feeding and predator avoidance behavior (Report)

Baker, Daniel, Answering Ecological Management Questions for Aquatic Resources in National Parks using GIS and Remote Sensing Tools (Report)

Barborak, Jim, Innovative Partnerships for Managing Tourism and Recreation in World Heritage Sites and Other Protected Areas (Report)

Berger, Joel, Novelty in a Predator-Prey System Facillitated by Humans and Climate: Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, and Muskoxen (Report)

Brown, Cynthia, Continuation of Restoration Effectiveness Program in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Champ, Joseph, Content Evaluation of the Response to the Centennial Find YourPark campaign (Report)

Christen, Cindy, Develop communication tools for elk and vegetation managementand research, Rocky Mountain NP (Report)

Collett, Jeffrey, Characterizing air quality in Theodore Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain National Parks (Report)

Cooper, DavidConnect Visitors to the Historic Landscape through Restoration of the Core Battlefield at Palo Alto Battlefield NHP (Report)

Cooper, David, Hydrological Restoration Project for a Portion of the Weippe Prairie Site of Nez Perce National Historical Park (Report)

Cooper, David, Phase I Restoration Monitoring for Lulu City Wetland, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)

Cooper, DavidRestore historic wetlands near mouth of Rodeo Lagoon at Golden Gate NRA, Marin County, California (Restoration PlanPlanting Plan)

Fiege, Mark, Historical Restoration of the Little Buckaroo Barn in RockyMountain National Park (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Visibility Data Analysis and Image Display by Techniques (Report)

Hannah, Judith, Inventorying and Monitoring Natural Resources Status and Trends in the National Park System – Geologic Resources Inventory (Report)

Hooten, Mevin, Development of a statistical adaptive monitoring framework for sea otters in Glacier Bay, Alaska  (Report)

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Developing Methods to Understand Elk Movements and Abundance on Winter Range in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Jonas-Bratten, Jayne, Vegetation Monitoring and Data Analysis (Report)

Jones, David, Preparing Natural Resource Condition Assessment (NRCA) for Dinosaur National Park (Report)

Kampf, Stephanie, Continuation of Investigation of Nitrogen Deposition into Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Kuhn, Bernadette, Potential National Natural Landmark (NNL) Evaluations(Report)

Labelle, James, Ice Patch Archeology of Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Cooperative GIS Research and Support for Enterprise Data Management and Delivery Tools (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, National Park Service Park Atlas(Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Water rights activity assessment, and water rights records research and management in protection of water and aquatic resources of Units of the National Park System (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Web Mapping Research and Development for the NPS (Report)

Lemly, Joanna, Enhanced Wetland Monitoring Relative to Ungulate Management in Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Water Resources Tools and Database Development (Report)

McClure, Shawn, Intermountain West Data Warehouse (Report)

Moore, John C, The Rocky Mountain Sustainability and Science Network Agademy (Report)

Ore, Janet, Museum Collection Preservation and Public Access, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site (Report)

Payne, Sarah, Historic Structures Records Management Project, Yellowstone NP (Report)

Rathburn, Sarah,  Phase I Restoration Design, Implementation, and Effectiveness Monitoring: Upper Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Rathburn , Sara, Upland Processes and Controls on September 2013 Mass Movements, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Romme, William, Vegetation Assessment of El Malpais, El Morro, and WupatkiNational Monuments (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Scientific Investigation of Wildlife Disease Outbreaks (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance to the National Park Service Wildlife Health Team (Report)

Stallones, LorannPromoting One Health and Conservation through Student Internships (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Integrated Alpine Monitoring among Parks and Networks as Part of the Global Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GlORIA) Networks (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Vegetation Classification and Mapping Project at Niobrara National Scenic River and Missouri National Recreation River in support of the NPS Vegetation Inventory Program the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Division (Report)

Stevens, JoeVegetation Inventory Program Support: guidance, reports, field data, ecological services in support of the NPS Vegetation Inventory Program and IMR parks (focus on Fort Union)(Report)

Warnock, Andrew, Utilizing Natural Resource Information to Create STEM Lessonsfor K-12 Students (Report)

Zimmerman, Donald, Design and assess communication efforts for natural sounds,night skies and biological topics, management activities, and issues (Report)

Zimmerman, Donald, Web and Social Media Guidance and Support for Natural Resource Topics (Report)


Brunson, Mark, Developing and Integrating Landscape-Scale Context into Natural Resource Condition Assessments (NRCAs) and Preparing NRCA Reports for Intermountain Region Parks (Report)

Brunson, Mark, Preparing Natural Resource Condition Assessments (NRCAs) for Seven Intermountain Region Park Units (Report)

Finely, Judson, 2016 Utah State University Archaeological Field School (Report)

Finley, Judson, Prepare An Archeological Overview and Assessment Report for Curecanti National Recreation Area (Report)

Monz, ChristopherVisitor Capacities on Longs Peak: a Preliminary Assessment in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Report)

Rogers, Paul, Elk Use and Habitat Monitoring at Fossil Butte National Monument, Wyoming (Report)


Le, LenaLake Roosevelt National Recreation Area visitor study (Report)

Le, LenaHaleakaka National Park – Visitor experience study (Report)


Bergman, Harold, UWNPS Research Center Support, 2015-16 (Report)

Gerow, Ken, Biostatistics Support for NPS Fire Ecology Program (Report)

Harrington, Patrick, Resource Projects at Devils Tower (Report)

Harrington, Patrick, YPP: North District Bighorn Canyon NRA Improve 3 Public Access Trails (Report)

Harrington, Patrick, YPP: PLC Replace Chinking on the Mason-Lovell South Cabin - FY15 (Report)

Heidel, Bonnie, Bryophyte Inventory at Devils Tower (Report)

Keinath, Douglas, Implementation of a Bat Monitoring Plan for Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (Report)

Keinath, Douglas, Northern Long Eared Bat Roost and Habitat Assessment, Devils Tower National Monument (Report)

Keinath, Douglas, Porcupine telemetry at Devils Tower National Monument (Report)

Page, Michael, Geologic Studies on the North Entrance Road: Phase 3- Collaboration on Alternatives for the Road Corridor (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Jenny Lake Archaeological Data Recovery Project at Gand Teton National Park (Report)

Peterson, Marcia, Parker Peak Bivoac Site Reconnaissance Project (Report)

Schmidt, Larry, Digital Herbariums for Multiple National Park Sites (Report)

Smutko, Steve, GYCC Public Meeting Planning (Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Monitoring Aquatic Resources at Badlands National Park (Report)


 McDermid, Greg, Crown of the Continent-Large Landscape Conservation Initiative: Coordinated Climate Change Adaptation for a Suite of Conservation Targets Across the Crown of the Continent (Report)


Brownlee, Matt, Outreach to support Every Kid in the Park campaign and Urban Ranger Program (Report)

McNeally, Pheobe, Continued Development of National Trails Intermountain Region Geographic Information System (Report)


Aune, Keith, Population Genetics and Viability Analyses for NPS and FWS Bison Herds (Report)

Roberts, Shannon, Genetic Wildlife Disease Workshop (Report)