2017 - Projects


Freimund, Wayne, Visitor Use Monitoring for Glacier National Park (Report)

Gerloff, Lisa, 2017-18 Jerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship Program (Report)

2017 Fellowship Awardees:
Caitlyn Florentine, PhD candidate – Glaciology, University of Montana: Topographic drivers and ice flow mechanics of glacier change in Glacier National Park

Katie Stevens Goidich, Masters candidate – Anthropology, University of Montana: Archaeology of Railroad Tourism in Glacier National Park

Luikart, Gordon, Environmental DNA Sampling for Invasive Species in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (Report)

Lukacs, Paul, Applying spatial models to better understand the nature of ship-whale encounters in and near Glacier Bay National Park (Report)

McDonald, Douglas, Assess Impacts of Tatanka Complex and Maple Fires on Cultural Resources (Report)

McDonald, Douglas, Inventory and Evaluate Archaeological Resources along High Priority Trail Segments at Yellowstone National Park (Report)

McDonald, Douglas, Lewis and Yellowstone River Bridges (Report)

Patterson, Mike & Gerloff, Lisa, CESU ROMO – Leadership, Coordination, and Administrative Oversight for the Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit  (Report)

Phear, Nicky, Provide Interns to the National Park Service, Intermountain Region (Report)

Rice, Peter, FY16-FY17 Develop Plant Phenology Documentation Program at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Sexton, Erin, Crown Managers Partnership, Transboundary Conservation Initiative: Implementing a Landscape Conservation Design for Landscape-Scale Conservation Priorities and Landscape Stressors Across the Crown of the Continent (Report)


Albertson, Lindsey, Amphipods of Yellowstone Lake Related to Lake Trout Suppression Strategies (Report)

Amende, Kevin, Sustainable Operations and Facility Adaption, 2017/2018  (Report)

Litt, Andrea, Statistical Methodological Development for Long-Term Vegetation Monitoring (Report)

Guy, Christopher, Evaluation of Methods to Induce Mortality in Lake Trout Embryos (Report)

McMahon, Thomas, Develop Strategies to Conserve Cutthroat Trout by Documenting Life History Patterns and Population Genetic Structure in the Lamar River Watershed (Report)

Olsen Bret, FY15 – FY 18 Promote Preservation of Resources through Monitoring at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS – Years 4 - 7 (Report)

Ore, Janet, Promote Preservation of Museum Collection at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS (Report)

Shaw, Joseph, Development and Testing LiDAR to Study Insect Responses to Light and Noise (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the Great Northern LCC (Report)

Whitlock, Cathy, Provide Technical Assistance to the NPS Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network and the NPS Intermountain Region Landscape Conservation and Climate Change Program (Report)

Zale, Alexander, Assess the Recovery of Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Arctic Grayling in Restoration Areas (Report)


Prather, Timothy, Developing Susceptibility Models for a More Strategic Approach to GYE Weed Management (Report)

Waits, Lisette, Developing a noninvasive method for obtaining demographic and genetic monitoring data for the endangered Sonoran pronghorn and bighorn sheep in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Mexico, and surrounding areas (Report)


Balaji, Rajagopalan, Develop Methods to Estimate Future Flood Hazard Information for National Park Service Inland Floodplains (Report)

Lee, Craig, Archaeological Survey of High Altitude Snow and Ice Patches in Yellowstone National Park (Report)


Moreno, Rafael, Cooperative GIS Internship with the NPS Intermountain Region (Report)

Moreno, Rafael, Washington Support Office (WASO), Information Resources Directorate, National Information Service Center (Report)

Thomas, Deborah, Assist with Air Resources Management Activities and Contribute to Projects that Present NPS Air Resources Information to Park Units and the Public (Report)


Anderson, Ashley, Effective communication of Natural Resource Conditions in Parks (Report)

Bailey, Larissa, Understanding the factors that influence boreal toad survival and response to population invasion by the amphibian chytrid fungus (Report)

Baker, Daniel, Answering Ecological Management Questions for Aquatic Resources in National Parks Using GIS and Remote Sensing Tools (Report)

Bend, Ron, Climate Change & National Parks Videos (Report)

Bend, Ron, Outside Science (inside parks) Web-based Videos (Report)

Berger, Joel, Sentinel Sites of the Western Hemisphere: connecting the conservation dots along the mountains of the Americas to improve protected area resiliency & biological diversity (Report)

Champ, Joseph, Science Communication through Mass Media (Report)

Champ, Joseph, White-Nose Syndrome in Bats Outreach Communication Plan (Report)

Collett, Jr, Jeffrey, Characterizing air quality in Carlsbad Caverns and other SW U.S. National Parks (Report)

Cooper, David, Assess Effects of Flow Diversion on Snake Creek Riparian Resources, Great Basin National Park (Report)

Cooper, David, Grand Ditch Restoration Adaptive Management Monitoring (Report)

Cooper, David, Restore an Abandoned Wastewater Treatment Pond to Wetland Habitat in Morefield Canyon (Report)

Finchum, Ryan, Rocky Mountain National Park–Colorado State University Undergraduate Student Internship Program (Report)

Hand, Jenny, Assistance for Visibility Data Analysis and Image Display Techniques (Report)

Hannah, Judith, Inventorying and Monitoring Natural Resources Status and Trends in the National Park System – Geologic Resources Inventory (Report)

Hobbs, N. Thompson, Models and Data for Predicting the Abundance of Moose and Elk on the Summer Range in Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Jonas-Bratten, Jayne, Vegetation Monitoring and Data Analysis (Report)

Jones, David, Vegetation Inventory and Mapping at Big Thicket National Preserve and Gulf Islands National Seashore in support of the NPS Vegetation Inventory Program the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Division (Report)

Kampf, Stephanie, Continuation of Investigation of Nitrogen Deposition into Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Cooperative GIS Internship with the NPS Intermountain Region (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Cooperative Research and Support for Cultural Resource Condition Assessments and Cultural GIS Data Management (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Cooperative GIS Research and Support for Enterprise Data Management and Delivery Tools (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, National Park Service Park Atlas (Report)

Laituri, Melinda, Water Rights Activity Assessment, and Water Rights Records Research and Management in Protection of Water and Aquatic Resources of Units of the National Park System (Report)

Lemly, Johanna, Enhanced Wetland Monitoring in Rocky Mountain Network Parks (Report)

Loftis, Jim, Water Resources Tools and Database Development (Report)

McClure, Shawn, Data Warehouse for Air Quality Modeling in the Intermountain West Oil and Gas Regions of Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado (Report)

McClure, Shawn, Intermountan West Data Warehouse (Report)

McGrath, Dan, Glacier and perennial snowfield mass balance of Rocky Mountain National Park (ROMO): Historic, Modern and Future (Report)

Rathburn, Sarah,  Phase I Restoration Design, Implementation, and Effectiveness Monitoring: Upper Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Scientific Investigation of Wildlife Disease Outbreaks (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance to the National Park Service Wildlife Health Team (Report)

Spraker, Terry, Technical Assistance for Veterinary Pathology and Diagnostic Services for NPS Wildlife Species (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Applying Sound Science to Identify, Inform, Implement, and Track Climate Change Adaptation in the National Park Service with the NPS Climate Change Response Program (Report)

Stevens, Joe, Enhancing Visitor Experience through Noxious Weed Management, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Report)

Wittemyer, George, Sound and light ecology research (Report)

Zimmerman, Donald, Web and Social Media Guidance and Support for Natural Resource Topics (Report)


McBeth, Sally, Ethnographic Overview and Assessment for Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Report)


Monz, Christopher, Rocky Mountain National Park Visitor Use and Transportation Management Study (Report)




Abernethy, Ian, Bat Hibernacula Identification and White Nose Syndrome Surveillance (Report)

Dillon, Michael, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks; the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Parkway (Report)

Gerrow, Ken, Biostatistics Support for NPS Fire Ecology Program (Report)

Harrington, Patrick, FY17-PLC Improve Public Access and Campground Facilities at Black Canyon Boat-In Campground PMIS# 200683 (Report)

McElroy, Brandon, Hydrogeologic Control, Formative Geomatry, and Physical Habitat of Sandbars in the Niobrara River, Nebraska (Report)

Tronstad, Lusha, Nutrient Cycling and Plankton Dynamics of Yellowstone Lake (Report)


McNeally, Pheobe, Continued Development of National Trails Intermountain Region Geographic Information System (Report)


Barber, JesseBats, people, and properties: conservation and conflict in Grand Teton National Park (Report)

Yu, Pei-lin, Integrated Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Coordination for Cultural Resources (Report)


Johnson, Lester, Develop Education/ Interpretive Programing and Media to Connect Visitors with Sensitive Resources (Report)