2004-2008 Projects - USGS


Eby, Lisa, Effects of Fire Suppression and Exclusion on Boreal Toad (Bufo boreas) Populations 2003, 2004 (Report; Figures)

Harper, Joel, Mass Balance of Sperry Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana 2007 (Report)

Lowe, Winsor, Sublethal Effects of Wildfire and Logging on Amphibians: Synergistic Effects on Vigor, Stress, and Disease 2008

Macholz, Lee & Queen, Lloyd, GNIS Application and Updates for the Montana Wildland Fire Base Map  2007 (Report)

Merigliano, Michael, and Potts, Don, Dynamics of Riparian Systems 2004, 2005

Naugle, David, Wetlands and Climate Change  2004, 2006 (Report)

Servheen, Christopher, Grizzly Bear DNA Study 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project; Report)

Servheen, Christopher, Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Comprehensive Grizzly Bear Database 2007 (also funded in 2009)


Kipfer, Todd, Developing a Regional Information Node for the 6-State Mountain Prairie Region  2006, 2007

Kipfer, Todd, VertNET: A Distributed Network of Museum Specimen Data for Vertebrate Species 2008


Morgan, Penny, Providing Vision, Guidance, and Support for the Development and Maintenance of the Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES) 2006


Buttenfield, Barbara, Generalization and Data Modeling for New Generation Topographic Mapping 2008

Diaz, Henry, A Climate Impacts Based Assessment of Climate Change Projections in the Hawaiian Islands Region (HIR) 2008 (Report)

Guralnick, Rob & Goldstein, Philip, Development of the data component for the national marine theme of NBII (OBIS-USA) Year 1 - 4 2008

Kineman, John, Establishing North American Regional Node of the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) in Partnership with the Census of Marine Life 2007 (Report)

Lubinski, David, Taxonomic Consistency in Biological Assessment Developing A Web-based Identification Guide and Ecological Resource for Diatoms of Western North America 2007 (Report; Website)

Neff, Jason, Biogeochemical Cycling in Southeastern Utah Ecosystems 2004 (Report)

Neff, Jason, Biogeochemical Cycling in Pinyon Juniper Ecosystems on the Colorado Plateau 2005, 2007 (Report)

Neff, Jason, A Regional Study of Eolian Dust Emission and Deposition in the Western US 2007 (Report)

Veblen, Thomas, Climatic Drivers of Forest Dynamics 2007 (Report)


Loomis, John, Economic Valuing Moderate-Resolution Imagery in Decision Making 2009, 2008 (Report)

Prihodko, Lara, Vegetation and Biological Soil Sampling and Data Analysis for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) and Other Vegetation Research Partners 2010, 2009, 2008


Hawkins, Charles, A Proposal for Establishing a National Reference Site Clearing House (NRSC): A Public Database Containing the Biological Data Needed to Conduct Biological Assessments of Freshwater Ecosystems in the US 2007


Bergman, Harold, An Initiative to Enhance Brucellosis Vaccines, Vaccine Delivery, and Surveillance Diagnostics for Bison and Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Area 2005

Caffrey Jr., Paul, Wyoming, Develop NHD Stewardship Program 2007

Caffrey Jr., Paul, Watershed Boundary Delineation and Attribution for the State of California 2007; 2008

Hamerlinck, Jeffery, Framework Standards Training Material Development and Higher education Curriculum Integration, Phase I & 2 2005; 2006; 2007

Jewell, Jean, Support for chronic Wasting Disease Research st the University of Wyoming, Department of Veterinary Sciences, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory 2005 (Jewell, Jean E., Jeremy Brown, Terry Kreeger, and Elizaneth S. Williams. Prion Proteins in cardiac muscle of elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni) and white-tail deer (Odocoileus virginanus) infected with chronic wasting disease. 2006. Journal of General Virology.) and (Fox, Karen A., Jean E Jewell, and Elizabeth S. Williams. Pathogenesis of experimentally induced chronic wasting disease in orally challengegd mule deer (Odocaileus heminnus). 2006. Journal of General Virology.)

Oakleaf, James, 2006 NAIP Data Distribution Application 2007 (Oakleaf, J.R. 2009. Final Report: 2006 NAIP Data Distribution Application. For: U.S. Geological Survey.)

Oakleaf, James, Metadata Population of the Wyoming Geolibrary 2007 (Website)