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RM-CESU Announces the Annual Competition for Student Award: The Rocky Mountains CESU annually recognizes "above and beyond” accomplishments by student(s) involved in Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (RM-CESU) projects. Nominations may be submitted by any representative of the federal agency that sponsored the RM-CESU project, or by the student’s RM-CESU university.  

Nominations for Student Award are due August 15,2018. The Award winner(s) will receive a citation and give a presentation on their project results at annual RM-CESU Fall Meeting.  Nomination Instructions.

2018 Glacier National Park Conservancy – Jerry O’Neal Research Fellowship Awardees Announced
This fellowship honors Jerry O’Neal’s, former deputy superintendent at Glacier NP, dedication to science and research.  The Fellowship supports graduate and upper undergraduate student research in the Crown of the Continent Parks: Glacier NP, Grant Kohrs Ranch NHS, and Little Bighorn Battlefield NS.  This year’s Fellowship recipients are:

Kerri Keller Clement, PhD candidate in History, University of Colorado Boulder, Historic Livestock Patterns, Grant Korhs NHS In In her study, Kerri will first digitize the Park’s historical livestock data.  The digitized data will be inputted into network analysis software to analyze and visualize the economic and geo-political networks of the Ranch.  NPS personnel will be able to use the data to inform decisions when considering cattle choices, haying and general land management for the Ranch.

Leah Joyce, Masters candidate in Organismal Biology, Evolution, and Ecology, University of Montana, Amphibian-Parasite Dynamics and Ecological Engineers in Glacier National Park, Montana The focus of Leah’s research is document and compare parasite abundance and prevalence among three species of pond-breeding amphibians in Glacier National Park: the boreal toad, the long-toed salamander, and the Columbia spotted frog. She aims to investigate how changes in the environment due to beaver presence can influence amphibian-parasite dynamics. 

Morgan Voss, Masters candidate in Geography, University of Montana, Characterizing Avalanche Path Disturbance Regimes in Glacier National Park, Montana Morgan's research will focus on applying remote sensing and GIS technologies to quantitatively characterize avalanche paths in the southern portion of Glacier National Park. Once refined, the geomorphological and ecological metrics will be applied to the rest of Glacier National Park to estimate the impacts of this disturbance across the landscape.


Upcoming RM-CESU and Partner Events 

May 21-24, 2018: The Fire Continuum Conference - Preparing for the future of Wildland Fire, Missoula, MT. The conference will be designed around the fire management continuums. We invite you to participate in this journey through the range of science and management activities that take place before a wildfire occurs, activities needed during a wildfire event, and the post fire activities and fire ecology. The continuum theme will resonate throughout the conference by emphasizing the fire experience, education, ecology, and management gradients. Fire Continuum.

June 5-7, 2018: CESU Network National Meeting, National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV. The 2018 CESU Network National Meeting brings together the CESU Network Council, the CESU Directors, and partners from across the nation. This year's sessions include discussions about increasing engagement with under-represented partners, cross-agency and international opportunities, outreach and communications, and data management; presentations about successful CESU projects conducted at multiple geographic scales; and meetings focused on programmatic needs and future strategic directions of the CESU Network. Visit the National Meeting page for details.

September 11-14, 2018: 14th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Big Sky, MT. The conference focuses on the human experience and the role scientific research and communication play in the future of wild places like the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Tracking the Human Footprint