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Studying climate change in Vietnam

The CFC’s climate change studies program again taught a winter break class in Vietnam on the effects of climate change on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Eight students and instructor Nicky Phear spend several weeks exploring the culture, economy, and ecology of Vietnam and how the Vietnamese are responding to the threats caused by a rising sea and loss of their land. Students reflect on the experience and what they learn in a blog One student noted, after touring a sustainably run farm, “The problems of climate change … [are] complex, and there is no easy solution. This farming model serves as a glimpse into what sustainability might look like on a small scale.”

Climate change engages a multitude of other CFC faculty in research and is part of other curriculum offerings. Professor Steve Running is a world-renowned expert on climate change. Scott Mills, professor in the wildlife biology program, is leading groundbreaking research on how wildlife change in response to climate change. Professor Solomon Dobrowski has several climate-change related research projects, including an investigation of the role terrain plays in shaping a species’ response to changes in climate patterns. Dane Scott, Associate Professor of Ethics, frames the climate change issue with ethical and societal dimensions. Associate Professor Laurie Yung is leading several research projects on communities adapting to climate change.

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