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Recent News

Shawn successfully defended his Ph.D.!

Solomon has been awarded NSF funding to study glacial refugia

Currently accepting applications for an MS position

Dobrowski (2011) and Crimmins et al. (2011) were selected for Faculty of 1000 Biology and Crimmins et al. (2011) was featured in Nature Climate Change.

Our paper on plant species' elevation shifts was published in the January 21 issue of Science. News coverage is listed here.

Assisted Migration/Managed Relocation Planning

Projected climate change could influence the distribution of many species. Concern for the persistence of species affected by climate change has led to suggestions that species be moved into novel regions to expand their ranges. This management action, commonly referred to as assisted migration or managed relocation, is designed to mitigate declines in the density or distribution of a species in its native range due to climate change. Our lab is interested in quantifying uncertainty affecting the decision to move species and the selection of sites suitable for novel species introductions.

Project Proposal