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An interdisciplinary program available to all academic majors at The University of Montana - Missoula
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GPHY 491 - Applications in GIS will replace GPHY 488\9 - Thematic Cartography for the Spring 2014 semester.

Requirements and Required Courses

It is recommended that students complete the university symbolic systems requirements before beginning this program because these courses promote basic quantitative reasoning (M 115, STAT 216, FORS 201, SOCI 202)

General Requirements

To earn a Certificate in GIS Sciences and Technologies, students must either complete or have completed an undergraduate degree and complete a minimum of twenty semester credit hours of course work including 9 to 11 required credits and 9 to 11 elective credits totaling a minimum of 20 credits as described below. Students must achieve at least an overall grade point average of 3.0 for courses within the program in order to earn a certificate. The certificate will be awarded upon the successful completion of all of the requirements of the certificate and the undergraduate degree.

  1. GPHY/FORS 284: Introduction to GIS and Cartography (Fall/Spring, 3 credits).
  2. FORS 351: Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Spring, 3 credits) -OR- GPHY 487/9: Remote Sensing and Raster GIS (Fall, 3 credits with 1 credit lab)
  3. FORS 350: Geographic Information Systems and Applications (Fall, 3 credits) -OR- GPHY 488/9: Thematic Cartography and GIS (Spring, 3 credits with 1 credit lab).

See electives for additional course options.

Transfer Credits

Of the 20 credits needed for the Certificate, a maximum of two courses or 9 credits can be transferred in from other institutions.

Advanced Elective Courses (9-11 cr.)

  • Although elective courses are organized by topical specialty, no specialization is necessary.
  • An introductory GIS course, such as FOR250 or GPHY381, is a prerequisite to the advanced GIS courses.
  • Additional and experimental courses are offered intermittently; please see faculty or website for current semester offerings.  Faculty may submit course syllabi to the GIS Certificate Committee for possible inclusion in the Certificate.
  • No more than 4 credits of Independent Study or Internships can be used towards the Certificate.