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Scholarships related to GIS Science and Technology

Listed below are University of Montana scholarship opportunities related to GIS Science and Technology.  Students are encouraged to contact their respective campus unit for additional scholarship opportunities.

Zuuring/MAGIP GIS Scholarship (first-year graduate students)

The Hans Zuuring and Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals (MAGIP) GIS Scholarship at The University of Montana is companion to the MAGIP GIS Scholarship awarded by the Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals ( The selection process is coordinated through a GIS Scholarship Committee consisting of the UM Steering Committee for the Certificate in GIS Sciences and Technologies, and one other faculty or industry representative. Each year a one thousand dollar ($1,000) award shall be made to a recipient selected by the GIS Scholarship Committee. The recipient must be a first-year graduate student in good standing, may be in any discipline, and must be working on a project that uses GIS as part of their thesis or dissertation research. Financial need may be used as a secondary criterion but selection shall be weighted more heavily on the strength of the thesis research and proposal. An individual may receive the award one time only.

Notification and Payment: Awards will be announced on or before May 1st. Based on the decision by the selection committee, the chair of the Scholarship Committee will write a letter to the scholarship recipient indicating that the individual has been selected and encourage the recipient to present the results of their work to the geographic information system sciences and technologies professional community in Montana. The scholarship shall be awarded each March for the following summer, fall, and\or spring semester. The award may be applied to tuition, fees, books, andor supplies.

Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals
Higher-Education GIS Scholarship (undergraduate or first-year graduate students)

If you will be an undergraduate student or a first-year graduate student at a Montana College or University, and are doing a GIS project or GIS-related research, you are eligible to receive this $1,000 scholarship sponsored by the Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals (MAGIP).  These grants are offered annually. Please see additional details regarding the MAGIP GIS Scholarship at the MAGIP website (