Can I complete the Certificate in one semester or one year?

The Certificate is not designed to be completed in one semester and is usually done alongside other degree coursework. The 6 to 7 GIS courses take three to four semesters. Post baccalaureate students may be able to complete the coursework in one year if they take winter and summer GIS classes. However, we strongly caution our students against taking more than 2 GIS-related classes in one semester due to the amount of lab work required. Most of our courses are set up with 3 hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab each week, with additional independent lab work as required.

How can I get a course waived?

If the course was taken within the last five years and you have a syllabus, then make an appointment with a GIS Certificate faculty coordinator. Be prepared to convince them that you have learned the material that would have been covered.

What's the difference between the GIS Certificate and the graduate option in Cartography and GIS?

The M.S. in Geography with an option in Cartography & GIS is a much more rigorous program. If you complete the requirements for the graduate option, you will automatically satisfy the Certificate requirements. Be sure to file an Application for Certificate with your graduation paperwork.

I am in a major at UM other than Geography or Forestry.  Can I still do the Certificate?

Yes!  This Certificate was designed for just that situation.  The student only has to complete 6 to 7 courses and the Certificate is conferrable, without having to minor or major in either Forestry or Geography.

Are graduate students eligible for the Certificate as well?

Yes. Your transcript will simply say that you have received an Undergraduate Certificate GIS Sciences and Technologies.  When submitting your Application for Certificate, make sure it goes to the Registrar’s Office (at Griz Central), NOT the Graduate School.

Can I get the Certificate without enrolling for another Bachelors or a Graduate Degree?

Yes.  For someone with a bachelor's degree, you would need to be admitted as a post-baccalaureate student with the University and then register for classes.

Will I be eligible for Financial Aid as a returning student?

Unfortunately those not enrolled in degree programs are generally not eligible for Financial Aid. Contact that Office directly for more details.