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Montana State: Excellency in Forestry Award


This award was developed to recognize landowners/managers that by example have worked towards advancing and improving the practice of forestry in Montana through collaborative and state of the art land management practices. Nominees should have a record of forest management that has:

  1. Left the forest in as good or better condition as when bought or first managed.
  2. Used science and experience based knowledge to implement timely management practices that have resulted in healthy productive forests.
  3. Resulted in management plans that provide for healthy and productive future (10, 20, 50, 100 years) forest conditions.
  4. Balanced conservation of forest processes, aesthetic beauty, wildlife habitat, and water quality with extraction of forest products.
  5. Provided innovative and adaptive management examples and records so that others may learn from them and advance the practice of forestry.
  6. Provided a forest that benefits all aspects of the larger surrounding community as well as the landowner (education, recreation, quality of life).


2010 -- The Montana Forest Products and O’Neil Family L.P. -- read press release