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College of Forestry and Conservation


2014 Montana SAF Chapters and Officers

Executive Officers

Chair: Bev Yelczyn 406-329-3834
Chair-elect: Jason Parke 406-240-9717
Sec/Tres: Paula Short 406-542-4235


Eastside Chapter

Chair: Lynn Jackson 406-446-0324
Chair-elect: Vacant    
Sec/Tres: Daniel Rasmussen 406-696-5061 (Hm)


Flathead Chapter

Chair: Brian Sugden 406-892-6368
Chair-elect: Rebecca Hendrix 406-751-2419
Sec/Tres: Heidi Trechsel 406-387-5243

Libby Chapter

Chair: Bob Castaneda 406-293-2717
Chair-elect: vacant    
Sec/Tres: April Rainy 406-283-7592


Missoula Chapter

Chair: John Goodburn 406-243-4295
Chair-elect: James Innes 406-329-3149
Sec/Tres: Dylan Brown 406-244-6805


Student Chapter

The University of Montana Student Chapter of SAF is a student run chapter that meets twice a month. Each Meeting we invite a forestry professional to speak to the chapter about their area of expertise. Other activities we participate in include Missoula Forestry day, State and National SAF conventions, and the Foresters Ball. If you're interested in Joining, contact one of our officers or email the chapter at

Chair: George Gaines 707-272-1101
Vice Chair: Josh Smith    
Treasurer: Erik Thompson 515-291-9620


Standing Committees

Awards: Robert Logar 406-587-6836
Continuing Forestry Education Contact: Dale Kerkvliet 406-273-8223
Science/Tech Chair: John Goodburn 406-243-4295
Policy Chair: Gordy Sanders 406-677-2201
Membership Chair: Steve Hayes, CF 406-243-2748
Newsletter Editor: Peter Kolb 406-243-4705
Montana Natural Resource Youth Camp: Amy Helena 406-244-2385
Communications Chair: vacant    
Foresters' Fund Chair: Gordy Sanders 406-677-2201
Historian/Archivist Scott Kuehn 406-546-9304
Education Chair: Cindy Bertek 406-243-4706
Webmaster: Sherri McWilliams 406-243-2479