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INGY Cooperative
David Affleck, Director
(406) 243-4186


The cooperative consists of several private timberland owners, government agencies, and research institutions throughout the Inland Northwest.  Together, specialists and analysts from these organizations have been able to identify and tackle complex modeling and mensurational challenges that would not have been possible if working by themselves. By combining scarce resources (data, expertise, and funding) the cooperative has produced many products and results of mutual benefit.


Tribal Councils


Government Agencies

Members benefit from:

  • Combining resources to work toward common objectives;
  • Access to high quality data sets and analysis tools;
  • Interaction with fellow managers and experts in the field of growth & yield.
In addition, involvement in the INGY Cooperative helps members meet various criteria for Forest Certification, such as for SFI accreditation.

Annual Membership cost:
$0.015/acre (min $750; max $7,500)