Email Accounts

Employee Email Accounts (MSO email accounts)

All employees including temporary employees are required to have a University email account on the UM Exchange servers.

How to I get an Email Account?

Stop by the CFC IT office, FOR 202, to have your account created.  If you are unable to stop by, email

What will my username and Password be?

Username: (i.e.
Password: The initial password is the last six digits of the University ID (the 790 number)

Your username and password will not work until you have setup your account by stopping by the CFC IT office.

View detailed information on Employee email

How do I change my email password?

  1. Log into UM Outlook Web at
  2. Click on Options in the upper right corner
  3. Choose Change Password

Student Email Accounts

Students will use their NetID to login to email.

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