Student Printing in CFC Labs

The University has implemented a new printing system call PaperCut in several places all over campus.  The CFC computer labs will be using this new system.  What does that mean to you?

  • You will need to deposit money in your UMoney account in order to print.
  • Use your NetId and Password to login to PaperCut when using the CFC Computer Labs (SH106 and SH107)
  • You can use your Umoney to print in other labs on campus

How to I add money to my Umoney account for printing?

About UMoney

How to deposit money into your UMoney account

How to I print?

  1. If you login to the computers in SH106 and SH107 using your CFC account you will be prompted to login to Papercut. User your NetID and Password to login.  
  2. If you login to the computers in SH106 and SH107 using your missoula\NetID you will not need to login to papercut.  You will already be authenticated.
  3. After you login to PaperCut, you will notice a green box in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It will show your UMoney balance and a link to allow you to deposit money online.
  4. Open your document and print.  Be sure to select the correct printer (listed below) as the color printers cost much more to use.

What Printers are Available?

  • SH106-B  - Black and White Printer in SH106, $0.15/page
  • SH106-C - Color printer in SH106, $1.00/page
  • SH107-B  - Black and White Printer in SH107, $0.15/page
  • SH107-C - Color printer in SH107, $1.00/page