Wiki (Currents)

Q:  What is a wiki?
A:  A wiki is a website that a group of people can edit using a web browser. Just like Wikipedia.  Currents Dashboard

Q:  How does a wiki work?
A:  First, using a web browser, you log on to the wiki website.  Second, just like a webmaster, you create a folder for your content called a "space."  Third, within that "space", you create new pages.  Once a page has been created, you can edit it.  You can then create child pages (just like subfolders) which can contain content.

Q:  What is "Currents?"
A:  Currents is the user-friendly name for our wiki. The software which powers it is called "Confluence" from Atlassian.

Q:  Why are wikis, like Currents, cool?
A1:  The definitive (lastest version) of a project exists on the wiki. No more wondering who has the latest version.  No more Inbox "black holes."
A2:  You can roll back or undo changes you've made to a wiki (web) page.
A3:  If two people try to edit the same wiki page at the same time, the second person will receive a pop-up message in their browser that someone else is editing the page.
A4:  You can upload attachments like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDFs, and video files.
A5:  People can add "comments" or "questions" to pages and other people can reply, i.e. threaded discussions.

Q:  How do I access Currents?  Where is it?
A:  Go to  and click on the Currents link on the bottom of the page.

Q:  How do I log on to Currents?
A:  Your Currents user name is the same as your CFC logon name.  Your Currents password is your CFC password.

Q:  How do people in the college use Currents?
A:  Several groups of people use Currents.

  • Faculty have used Currents to host course content for their students.  Course content is uploaded as attachments, e.g. syllabi, PDFs, Word documents, videos, links, etc.
  • Grads have used Currents to share knowledge and to document issues in their research areas.
  • QSG, the college's IT group, uses Currents as an IT knowledge base.

Q:  How do I get started?
A:  Click the link at the top of the page to submit a request to create a wiki space.  We'll get back to you