Checkout Equipment

Equipment is available to be checked out for employees of the College of Forestry and Conservation, from the following locations.  If you are a student, you may ask a faculty advisor / staff member to check equipment out on your behalf.

CFC Main Office Equipment

To check out any of the following items, please contact the administrative assistant in your department or visit the Forestry Building main office, FOR 109, 406-243-5521.  You canreservation equipment ahead of time.

  • Laptop Windows Computers
  • LCD Digital Projectors
  • Polycom teleconference phone
  • Voice Recorders

QSG Equipment

QSG sets up equipment for events and meetings upon request.  Please contact QSG,  if you have a potential need for technology equipment.

  • Web Camera & Tripod
  • display adapters
  • Speakers
  • USB Speaker / Microphone