Go To Meeting

Check Mark Quick Checklist

  • Reserve a room and time to hold your meeting.
  • Make sure you can login to the computer you will hosting the meeting from using your CFC username and password.
  • Schedule a meeting (instructions below) 
  • Invite attendees
  • Practice!!
  • Start your meeting

* We suggest that you print this page for a reference during your meeting.

Need help?

Forestry 202

GoToMeeting software allows you to hold an interactive, online meeting with external collaborators.  When attendees log into the GoToMeeting website, they will be able to see both you and your computer screen (think "Powerpoint") and hear you.  In your GoToMeeting web window, you will also be able to see and hear them assuming both of your computers have a webcam and a microphone.  It's easy.... Schedule your meeting, send out invites, and start working together!

Where can I hold a meeting?

QSG has purchased a software license to GoToMeeting. This software allows you to host an interactive meeting (think "webinar") using your own computer, the computer in FOR 102, or in one of the multimedia classrooms on campus, e.g. FOR106, FOR206, FOR306, etc.

If the session will be held in a FOR 102, schedule the meeting in the CFC Main Office.  (Or contact QSG).
If the session will be held in a UM Classroom, schedule the meeting with the Registrar's Office.

In UM multimedia classrooms, log on using CFC\username with your CFC password, e.g. CFC\john.doe

How to schedule a meeting?

(It is REQUIRED that you schedule your meeting in advance)

Schedule a time for your GoToMeeting session on the GoToMeeting website. You must do this; multiple people use this software and only one meeting can be active at a time. 

Step 1: Login to the GotoMeeting Website

  1. In your web browser navigate to http://gotomeeting.com/ 
  2. Click the Sign In button (Not the "Host a Meeting" button)
  3. Enter the email address as: CFC-GoToMeeting@mso.umt.edu
  4. Enter the password: Contact QSG (support@cfc.umt.edu) for password.

Step 2: Schedule your meeting

  1. Make a note of already scheduled meetings. Scheduled meetings, if any, will appear in the "My Meetings" box after you log in. Please schedule some reasonable additional time for your meeting since meetings can run longer than anticipated.
  2. Under "Schedule a meeting" click the "Schedule" button.

Step 3: Enter meeting details

  1. Meeting Title (PLEASE use the format of "LastName YYYY-MM-DD" for the title)
  2. Meeting Date
  3. Start and End time
  4. Audio options (typical case is to accept the defaults)
  5. Password (optional).  Typically, folks do not set a password.
  6. Click on the Save button
  7. Copy-and-paste the information that you will send to participants of the meeting into a text document so it's saved, e.g. Word, Notepad, etc. This information will contain a link to the meeting.
  8. Select "Skip"
  9. Refresh the webpage (F5) once or twice  until you see you meeting in the schedule.
  10. You can always edit the meeting

NOTE: To host the meeting you will need to -- (please follow these steps) 

  1. Log in using the GoToMeeting username and password;
  2. Find your meeting in the list of scheduled meetings;
  3. Click on "Start" to the right of your meeting.

Step 4: Send out Meeting Information

  1. Email participants the meeting information which you previously saved.
  2. Note: Under our license a maximum of 25 connections can be made for a meeting, including the host.  That number can easily be expanded if there are a number of individuals in the same location that can gather together and use one connection.

* Be sure to practice: Create a sample/test meeting IN THE ROOM WHERE YOU'LL BE HOSTING THE MEETING.  Practice with coworkers or remote collaborators.     

How to start the meeting?

  1. Log into the GoToMeeting website to start a meeting.
  2. Scheduled meetings will be listed after you log in and will be listed in the My Meetings box.
  3. Click on Start
  4. After starting a meeting a new dialog box will appear that gives the host options to manage the meeting.

How to end the meeting?

  1. Go to File\Exit Meeting in the meeting management screen.

* Note: A meeting can be recorded, but under State of Montana law you must get approval from participants to record a meeting. GoToMeeting has announced that they will support playing a video (ex. YouTube) over the connection soon.  Currently, playing a video over the connection is problematic.