Faculty file/data storage

QSG offers file/data storage to faculty on a CFC network drive.  We typically create individual folders for each faculty.  We can also create group folders for collaboration and shared data access. Faculty will access these folders through their on-campus computer using a "mapped drive" (Windows) or an "SMB" share connectionn (Mac). For faculty who are Windows users, we map the drive letter, "Z", to their individual folder.  For faculty who are Mac users, we map a "share" to their individual folder.  We also map an "R" drive for Windows users or a\resources link for Mac users. Both point to the same location.  Individual group folders can be accessed under either "R" or\resources. Access to group folders is achieved by working with QSG to create a group of authorized users.

Undergraduate file/data storage

The University of Montana offers up to 50GB of "cloud" storage to undergrads through UM Box.  Here's what you can do with UM Box:

  • Share files with others by moving them to UM Box and sharing a link (rather than emailing a doc.)
  • Collaborate on documents with others
  • Back up important documents securely
  • Access your UM Box files from anywhere/anytime/any device.

Graduate file/data storage

Grads have several options for file/data storage -- individual folders on a CFC server (similar to faculty -- see above) or "cloud" storage through UM Box (see above benefits).  Contact QSG if you want a folder for your research on a CFC server.

Staff file/data storage

QSG offers file/data storage to staff on a CFC network drive for CFC work.   For work within CFC, we typically create individual folders for each staff.  We also typically create group folders for shared working environments, e.g. R:\Groups\Accounting.  Staff access their individual folder and appropriate group folders from their on-campus computer.  We map "Z" to each staff individual folder.  We also map an "R" drive so staff can get to shared network folders, e.g. Accounting, CFC Hub, etc.   When a staff person logs on to Windows, they will receive an "R" and "Z" drive through "Computer" on their desktop.  Staff are also provided with storage using UM Box.