Eduroam  (recommended)

UMWpa is no longer available. UM students and employees can access UM's secure wireless network by logging into eduroam.

Connect to the eduroam wireless network using:  NetID@umontana.edu (i.e. ab123456@umontana.edu) and NetID password.

Use these credentials anywhere eduroam wireless is available including from other participating institutons.

More Information about Eduroam

Guest Wireless Access

UM provides a guest wireless network for campus visitors. The network uses open, unencrypted transmissions, so it should not be used to send or receive sensitive information.  

  • Select "grizzlyguest" in your available wireless connections
  • Open a web browser
  • Enter your email address at the login screen and select the "I accept" button

UM Links

For more information on the University's wireless network and policies visit UM's wireless network page

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