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College of Forestry and Conservation




2 single beds per room - Includes linens and towels:

Daily: Double Occupancy Rate May-Oct $80 Nov-Apr $75
Daily: Single Occupancy Rate May-Oct $55 Nov-Apr $50

Research Apartment

Fully furnished with kitchen, sitting room, and private bath.
Sleeps 1-3 people comfortably

Daily rate: May-Oct $125 Nov-Apr $100


(Linens not provided - $10 per set)

Log Cabin: sleeps 1-4 people
rates: May-Oct $70 Nov-April $60

Cabins: sleeps 1-3 people
rate: $50

Boxcars: sleeps 1-6 people
rates: May-Oct $60 Nov-April $55

Camping: includes use of showers
rates: $10 per person per night year round fee
Caps at $30 per vehicle/tent

Food Service

Year round pricing per person

We are happy to accommodate anyone with a food preference (vegetarian or vegan) as well as anyone with a food allergy. Additional cost of $10.00 per person per day for full days meals. 

Per Day: $40
Hot Breakfast: $10
Lunch: sit down or sack $12
Dinner $18

Meeting Rooms

(Coffee, tea, audio/visual aid equipment included)

** All rooms used will be billed at a full day rate.

Lecture Room: 60 people with tables
Rate: $125

Conference Room: 12 people around an oak table - 8 additional people on perimeter of room
Rate: $70

Dry Lab: 25-30 people
Rate: $60

Wet Lab: (when available) 15 people
Rate: $50

Rec Hall:
Rate: $75

Picnic Pavilion:
Rate: Per day usage
Under 25 people: $65
25-50 people: $115
50-75 people: $215
75-100 people: $415
100-200 people: $515
over 200 people: $615

Old Classroom: (no winter use)
Rate: $50

Site Use Fee: If no other facilities are rented
Rate: $75


A 7% State of Montana Accommodation Tax per night will be added.

Photocopies: $.10 each
Fax: $1.00 first page and $.50 for each subsequent page