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Stay over to enjoy Missoula's regional shopping centers and a wide variety of recreational opportunities at nearby Seeley and Salmon Lakes. We are nestled mid-way between Glacier and Yellowstone to enhance your visit.

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Using maps on mobile devices

While we don't have a lot of experience utilizing the cross country ski maps on mobile devices, we can offer some suggestions on how to get started:

Maps in Web Browser

Mobile Web Application

Most mobile devices have a web browser application that can provide access to web maps (click image for larger view).

Mobile Map Application

Mobile Map Application

Esri offers a mobile mapping application that provides direct access to the online maps provided here as well as many additional online maps through ArcGIS Online (click image for larger view)

GeoPDF Application

Mobile PDF Application

Some mobile devices offer a PDF reader that also supports GeoPDFs and leverages the GPS capability of the device.  The advantage of using a GeoPDF is that it will be available offline. Avenza's PDFMaps is one such application on iOS devices. (click image for larger view)

If you find other mobile interfaces that work well with the map products offered here, then please contact us and let us know.