Conservation Social Science Seminar

NRSM 594 | Wednesdays 4-4:50 p.m. in Clapp Bldg. Rm. 452 | Contact Jenn Thomsen for more information




Jan. 24 and 31

Class activities (no outside speakers)


February 7

Christopher Preston, UM Dept. of Philosophy

“A Synthetic Age in a Natural World”

February 14   

Charles Bescanon, Strategic Planning and Conservation Finance Consultant


“National Parks, Protected Areas and International Environmental Governance: Opportunities and Challenges”

February 21  

Rebecca Rasch, U.S. Forest Service

“Social science in the USDA Forest Service Northern Region”

February 28

Lee Banville, UM School of Journalism

“Fake News and the Rise of the Relevant Web”

March 7   

Steve Running, UM retired Regents Professor of Ecology

“Relationship between climate change and economic growth”

March 14

Jakki Mohr, UM College of Business

“Overcoming barriers to successful deployment of socially-desirable innovations”

March 21

Alex Metcalf, W.A. Franke CFC, Dept. of Society and Conservation

“Conservation triage: Identifying important parcels and likely partners across large landscapes”

March 28

Spring Break - No Seminar


April 4  

Tom Woolf, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

“The human side of invasive species”

April 11

Bill Borrie & Jeremy Sage, W.A. Franke CFC

Dept. of Society and Conservation; ITRR

“Fees and funding for public lands”

April 18

Libby Metcalf, W.A. Franke CFC, Dept. of Society and Conservation

“Understanding human tolerance of wildlife: measurement and application”

April 25

Sarah Halvorson, UM Dept. of Geography