Fire season 2014

Spreading Creek fire in Canada, 2014During the third week of July, research staff from the college's FireCenter worked together with personnel from the U.S. Forest Service's Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, to collect fire behavior data at the Spreading Creek fire in Alberta, Canada. Valentijn Hoff joined Bret Butler and Cyle Wold to set up Fire Behavior Packages and video equipment in unburned areas adjacent to the fire, with the goal of capturing temperature, total and radiant heat flux and air velocity in the flaming front once the fire reached the sensors. This successful data collection mission will help create a better understanding of the impacts of slope and fuels on the energy release during a fire, and help create new guidelines for safety zone selection by firefighters. 

How are CFC students involved in fire?

Both alumni and current students are active wildland firefighters. We offer a minor in Wildland Fire Management & Sciences with a Forestry bachelor's degree or students can focus on wildland fire in their Resource Conservation bachelor's degree. A highlight of this curriculum is the two-week prescribed fire practicum course in the southeastern U.S. each wintersession.