Systems Ecology Seminar

BIOS 595 | Thursdays 3:30-4:20 p.m. in Forestry Bldg. Rm. 305 | Contact Diana Six for more information






Jan 25

No seminar


Feb 1

Alan Tepley

Vulnerability and resilience of forest landscapes to changing fire regimes and altered post-fire recovery dynamics

Organismal Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Division of Biological Sciences, UM

Diana Six

Feb 8

Zach Holden

Modeling topographic variations in energy and water and their implications for ecological modeling in the U.S. Northern Rocky Mountains

US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula

SE students

Feb 15

Jeff Hicke

Climate change and outbreaks of mountain pine beetle in the western US

Geography, University of Idaho, Moscow

Diana Six

Feb 22

Libby Metcalf

Understanding the human dimensions of river restoration: Evidence from the Clark Fork River, MT

Society and Conservation, W.A. Franke CFC

Diana Six

Mar 1

Diana Six

Hiding in plain view? High elevation pines surviving a climate-driven bark beetle outbreak are genetically and phenotypically distinct

Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences, W.A. Franke CFC

Diana Six

Mar 8

Sharon Hood

Putting fuel treatments in context with historical fire regimes: Where restoration and fuel management objectives align and where they don't

US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Fire Lab, Missoula

SE students

Mar 15


No seminar


Diana Six

Mar 22

Nick Silverman

 Building riparian resiliency to climatic variability using low-cost and low-impact solutions

 Montana Climate Office, UM

Diana Six

Mar 29


                                       No seminar


Apr 5

Cara Nelson

Effects of Herbicides on Native Plants and Implications for Ecological Restoration

Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences, W.A. Franke CFC

Diana Six

Apr 12

Katrina Mullen

Population growth in natural amenity-rich regions: Where does it occur?

Economics, UM

SE students

Apr 19



SE students

Apr 26

Lindsey Albertson

Small aquatic insects can teach us big things: Ecological indicators and community facilitators in streams

Ecology, Montana State University, Bozeman

SE students