Carina Wyborn

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Carina Wyborn

Post Doctoral Researcher

Personal Summary

My research focuses on social and institutional dimensions of environmental change with a particular focus on biodiversity conservation and climate change. I am an interdsciplinary social scientist with a background in human ecology. My dissertation work examined the interactions between science, governance and practice in large landscape conservation in Australia and the US. I'm currently working on a project looking at vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the Interior West. My research blog, The Pacific Exchange explores this work with a particular view to the learning across the different social, ecological and institutional contexts of Australia and the US. 


2013: PhD, Interdisciplinary environmental studies, Australian National University

2007: First class honors in Human ecology, Australian National University

2006: B.A. Development studies and Human ecology, Australian National University

Research Interests

  • The interactions between science, governance and practice
  • Large landscape conservation and the integration of conservation management across land tenures and jurisdictions
  • Collaborative governance, in particular the implications of global environmental change on cross-scale, cross-jurisdictional coordination
  • Climate change adaptation in conservation policy and management, human dimensions of climate change
  • The theory and practice of transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and integrative research




World Commission on Protected Areas (Oceania Chapter)

Society for Conservation Biology

Society for Human Ecology

International Association of Society and Natural Resources

Selected Publications

Journal Articles 

Wyborn, C. Bixler, R.P. (2013) "Collaboration and nested governance: Scale dependency, scale framing, and cross-scale interactions in collaborative conservation" Journal of Environmental Management, 123:58-67 

Wyborn, C. Jellinek, S. Cooke, B. (2012) “Negotiating multiple motivations in the science and practice of ecological restoration” Ecological Management and Restoration 13(3):1-5

Wyborn C. (2011) “Landscape scale ecological connectivity in Australia: Survey and analysis” Pacific Conservation Biology 17(2):121-130

Cleland, D. and Wyborn, C. (2010) “A reflective lens: applying critical systems thinking and visual methods to ecohealth research” Ecohealth, 7(4):414-424

Wyborn, C. (2009) “Managing Change or Changing Management: Climate change and human use in Kosciuszko National Park” in Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 16(4):35-44

Book Chapters

Wyborn, C. (2013) “A Collaborative Future for Conservation: lessons from connectivity conservation”, in Figgis, P. Fitzsimons, J. Irving, J. (eds) Innovation in 21st Century Conservation, CSIRO Publishing, available from       

Wyborn, C. (2013) “Collaboration Across Scales: The governance challenges of linking landscapes” in Fitzsimons, J. Pulsford, I. Wescott, G. (eds) Linking Australia’s Landscapes, CSIRO Publishing, Chpt 26 

Wyborn, C. and Cleland, D. (2010) “Fences and Windows: Using visual methods to explore conflicts in land and seascape management” in Brown, V. Russell, J. & Harris, J. (eds) Tackling wicked problems: through the transdisciplinary imagination, Earthscan, London Chpt 8b, pp 161-170


Whitten, S. Freudenberger, D. Wyborn, C. Doerr, V. Doerr, E. Langstone, A. (2011) “A compendium of existing and planned Australian wildlife corridor projects and initiatives, and case study analysis of operational experience.” CSIRO report to the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water and Population, Canberra

Parris, H. Whitten, S. Wyborn, C. Hill, R. Freudenberger, D. (2011) “An overview of key socio-economic factors, principles and guidelines in wildlife corridor planning and implementation” CSIRO report to the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water and Population, Canberra

Non academic publications

Wyborn C. (2012) “A Corridor to Where? Connectivity conservation and the National Wildlife Corridor Plan” Decision Point,58:4-5 available at:

Wyborn, C. (2012) “Forget the Market: Competition wont save species” The Conversation, April 3, available at: