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Bradley Layton

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Personal Summary

Bradley Layton is an Associate Professor in the Applied Computing and Engineering Technology Department at Missoula College - UMontana where he directs the Energy Technology Program. This progressive curriculum offers students the opportunity to gain a perspective on human energy consumption and to be a part of developing emerging sustainable energy technologies related to photovoltaics, wind, biomass, geothermal, human power, and hydrogen technologies. The two-year degree in Energy Technology is available online and attracts students from across the nation and around the world. Partnered with the University of Montana's Climate Change Studies Minor, the program is highly interdisciplinary and enjoys a growing alumni base.

Several hands-on learning experiences are available through the Shell EcoMarathon and the ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Challenge as well as their Summer Energy Practicum course which has featured innovative projects such as solar thermal engines and lighter-than-air wind turbines.

Layton holds affiliated faculty appointments in the University of Montana’s Biophysics and Biochemistry Program, the Climate Change Studies Program and the Environmental Studies Department.

His PhD in biomedical engineering and MS in Mechanical Engineering were earned at The University of Michigan. He also holds an SB in mechanical engineering from MIT, as well as a professional engineering license in Montana. He is an Editor for the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering. He has 70+ publications and abstracts in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and sustainable energy technology.

Layton currently enjoys his interactions with the Missoula business community, his Blackfeet Community College colleagues, as well as students and faculty in the Missoula County Public School System.

He is an avid bicycle builder, cyclist, and kayaker. He lives with his wife and two children in the Rattlesnake Valley.


SB MechE MIT `92

MS MechE UMich `00

PhD Biomed Eng UMich `03

Teaching Experience


Energy Technology

ETEC 120 NCCER Core and Electrical I                                                                                          2015

  • Taught wiring and construction skills with support from DOL TAACCCT III

EET 113 Circuits, Summer                                                                                                                 2012

  • Developed course with Wally Higgins in preparation for Practicum

NRGY 101 Introduction to Energy Systems I                                                                        2010 – pres

  • Online and face-to-face delivery of 40+ students per semester

NRGY 102 Introduction to Energy Systems II                                                                      2010 – pres

  • Online and face-to-face delivery of 10 - 20 students per semester

NRGY 191/195 Energy Practicum                                                                                          2011 – pres

  • Led ~20 students through hands-on project-based energy technology projects

NRGY 213 Power Systems                                                                                                     2012, 2015

NRGY 214 Energy Storage and Distribution                                                                                    2015

  • Co-Taught with Alan Fraser

NRGY 235 Building Energy Efficiency                                                                        2011, 2012, 2014

  • Online and face-to-face delivery of ~15 students per semester

NRGY 242 Solar Thermal and Wind Systems                                                                        2010 – pres

  • Online and face-to-face delivery of ~15 students per semester

NRGY 245 Fuel Cells                                                                                                                        2013

  • Online and face-to-face delivery with laboratory component.

NRGY 250 Energy Finance                                                                                                     2012, 2014

  • Online and face-to-face delivery

NRGY 295 Energy Practicum II                                                                                                       2015

  • Advised Dustin Armstad on Solar Thermal Collection design

NRGY 296 Independent Study ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Design                                       2011

  • Advised a team of six. Team won “Best Recycled Ride” in Bozeman

NRGY 296 Independent Study Solar Car Design                                                                  2011 – pres

  • Advised a team of ten to compete in Shell EcoMarathon, Houston

NRG 297 Undergraduate Research, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Fall 2014

  • Advised Trevor Little, pre-engineering student on cell nanomechanics (NSF grant)
  • Advised Will Smith on growing algae in magnetic fields
  • Advised Charles Moore on growing algae for energy production
  • Advised Eric Wall on Arabidopsis Nanomechanics
  • Advised Doug Cummins on lighting efficiency
  • Advised George Corddry on aquaculture project

NRG 298 Energy Internship                                                                                                    2010 – pres

  • Advising ~5-10 students per semester on internal and external internships

NRG 299 Energy Capstone                                                                                                     2010 – pres

  • Teaching ~5-10 students per semester sustainable transportation solutions

Biochem 695 Master’s research                                                                                               2011- 2012

  • Advised Kayla Nagle towards here doctoral degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics


MEM 591 Applied Engineering Mathematics                                                                        2004 - 2010

- matrix, tensor, vector notation, linear algebra, Markov processes, eigenvalue problems, analytical differential calculus, vector field calculus, heat transfer equations, fluid dynamics equations, elasticity equations

MEM 592 Applied Engineering Mathematics II                                                                    2005 - 2010

- ordinary differential equations, partial differential equation, Laplace transforms, Navier equations, variation of parameters, waves in elastic solids, series solutions, non-linear differential equations

MEM 593 Applied Engineering Mathematics III                                                                     2005 2010

- Fourier transforms, partial differential equations, numerical methods, optimization, stochastic processes, probability theory, and statistics

Senior Engineering Design

MEM 491 Senior Design “Vibrational Analysis of an Industrial Compressor”                                 2004

MEM 491 Senior Design “A Portable Pump Design”                                                                       2005

MEM 491 Senior Design “FSAE Braking System Design”                                                              2006

MEM 491 Senior Design “Space-Based Hematology”                                                                      2006

MEM 491 Senior Design “NanoBase Design for a Simultaneous Atomic Force Microcopy and Nanomanipulation”                                                                                                                     2006

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Miniaturized Hematology Analyzer”                                  2007

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “An Integrated Atomic Force Microscopy Nanomanipulation Platform for Biological Samples”                                                                                                                    2007

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle Chassis”                           2008

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle Motor and Controls”        2008

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle Suspension and Drivetrain Team.”                                                                                                                                                    2008

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Small Wind Turbine for Sustainable Urban Energy.”         2008

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Surgical Stapler”                                                                  2008

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Mechanical Testing of a Surgical Staple”                                2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Small Wind Turbine for Sustainable Urban Energy: Mechanical Team.”                                                                                                                                                    2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “A Small Wind Turbine for Sustainable Urban Energy: Electrical Team.”                                                                                                                                                    2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Automotive X-Prize Shell Design”                                         2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Automotive X-Prize Frame Design”                                       2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Automotive X-Prize Suspension Design”                               2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Automotive X-Prize Transmission Design”                             2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Automotive X-Prize Seat, Steering and Brakes Design”        2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “Automotive X-Prize Motor, Battery and Lighting Design”    2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design “ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Transmission, Brakes and Steering design”                                                                                                                                        2009

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2008-2009, team 013, “ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Seat, Frame and Shell Design”

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2009-2010, team 001, “ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Seat, Frame and Shell Design”

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2009-2010, team 002, “ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Transmission, Brakes and Steering design”

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2009-2010, team 003, “Automotive X-Prize Regenerative Brake Design”

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2009-2010, team 004, “Urban-Turbine Design”

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2009-2010, team 005, “Surgical Stapler-Staple Integration”

MEM 491, 492, 493 Senior Design 2009-2010, team 006, “Portable Solar”


MEM 238 Dynamics                                                                                                      2004, 2009, 2010

     - wrote and delivered lectures on Newtonian mechanics to Drexel’s pre-juniors

- worked with forty-five students on design projects to prepare them for their senior design class and to improve their technical communication skills.


TDEC 211 Materials                                                                                                                          2003

- led two recitations with approximately 30 students each

- facilitated online availability of course material

Freshman Engineering Design

Primary Instructor for course of 850+ students                                                                      2008 - 2010

  • Primary duties included delivering lectures, organizing guest speakers, maintaining syllabi, developing new moduli, organizing weekly meetings with core faculty, distributing weekly notes to the nearly 30 laboratory faculty, organizing weekly meetings with the ten graduate student teaching fellows, and leading at least two laboratories per week as well as maintaining grading consistency for all students.

TDEC 132 Freshman Design “A Two-Sided Television”                                                                  2004

TDEC 132 Freshman Design “Educational AFM team”                                                                   2004

  • Faculty advisor educational atomic force microscope design team. Students used LabView, SolidWorks and performed database research into the fundamentals of atomic force microscopy. Students submitted the completed version which includes an instruction manual for integration with the NSF-RET program. Students received the highest grade of their class and have two online publications.

TDEC 132 Freshman Design KnanoKnot team                                                                                 2004

- covered basic principles of scanning electron microscopy and nanomanipulation with the ultimate goal of pushing the dexterity limits of the Zyvex L100.

TDEC 132 Freshman Design “PVC Boat for Children”                                                                   2004

- covered basic principles boat design

TDEC 132 Freshman Design “NanoForensics”                                                                                 2004

- evaluated the ability of nanoparticles to identify artifacts

TDEC 132 Freshman Design “PVC Boat for Adults”                                                                      2004

- covered basic principles boat design

TDEC 132 Freshman Design “Recycle Team”                                                                                  2004

- explored alternatives to solid waste collection

ENGR 101, 102, 103 “Bicycle Highway,” Featured on Drexel University Innovations page          2004

ENGR 101, 102, 103 “A Human-Powered Composter”                                                                   2008

ENGR 101, 102, 103 “Automotive X-Prize Transmission Design”                                                  2009

ENGR 101, 102, 103 “Human-Powered Vehicle Design”                                                                2009

ENGR 101, 102, 103 “Space Elevator Design”                                                                                 2009

Special Courses

MEM 399 Integrated AFM Nanomanipulator Matt Dolin                                                                2006

MEM 399 Knanoknot Derek Mitchell                                                                                               2006

MEM 699-002 MEMS-Based Hematology Analyzer                                                                        2005

- Stephanie Sullivan’s project with NASA Goddard

MEM-399-003 MechanoMolecular Properties of Growing Axons                                                    2005

- Mentored Ms. Aisha Granville on the mechanical and electrostatic props of structural proteins

MEM 380-005 MechanoEvolution                                                                                          2005, 2006

- Explored the similarities and symbioses between natural evolution and machine evolution

MEM 699-004 Marine Collagen Characterization                                                                             2006

- mentored student in atomic force microscopy of novel sponge collagen

MEM 399-006 Marine Collagen Detection                                                                                        2007

- Mentored student in immunohistochemical detection of Trichodesmium erythraeum collagen

MEM 399-007 Collagen Evolution                                                                                                    2007

- Mentored student in bioinformatics of collagen evolution

MEM 699-004 Cell and Protein Printing                                                                                           2007

- Mentored student in cell and protein printing strategies for cell sensor arrays

MEM 399-003 Nanobiomechanics                                                                                                     2007

- Mentored student in nanoscale biomechanics of cells and proteins

MEM 399-001 Attofluidics                                                                                                               2007

- Mentored student Matt Lynch on nanofluid mechanics

MEM 399-001 Drought resistant plants                                                                                 2008 - 2013

- Mentored student Andrew McDonald on soft tissue mechanics

MEM 399-001 Surgical Stapler                                                                                                2008-2010

- Mentored student Scott Holden on finite element analysis and mechanical drawing

MEM 695-001 Solar Tower Design                                                                                                   2010

- Abemelek Abay, Ethiopian master’s student with interest and experience in solar power design



National Science Foundation Research Experience for Teachers

Summer 2004

Janet Hudson of Shaw Middle School and six of her students to prepare them for an international robotics competition.

Joyce Hubert-Theroit of Henderson Senior High School, and Mr. Joseph Podrazik to build an instructional atomic force microscope to be used at their schools

Summer 2005

Joe Podrazik, Souderton High School, Souderton, PA. Together we built an educational atomic force microscope for use in his high school engineering classroom.

Janet Hudson of Shaw Middle School. Together we explored the educational atomic force microscope

Summer 2006

Joe Podrazik, Souderton High School, Souderton, PA. Together we build a second-generation motorized educational atomic force microscope. This version was demoed during a webcast from Drexel to Souderton in the Fall of 2006.

Emily Wideman, Milton-Hershey High School, Hershey, PA

Fahmida Shah, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina. Emily was involved in assisting my graduate student Kathleen Allen in computer modeling and culturing of neurons.

Summer 2009

Art Gutzler, NSF RET Fellow, Father Judge High School, Philadelphia, PA. Art performed atomic force microscopy on Trichodesmium erythraeum a performed image analysis, as well as prepared lesson plans based upon his findings.

Summer 2012

Kate Dircksen, Sentinel High School, Missoula, Montana. Kate is working with two students Kaylee Peters (9th grader at Sentinel) and Emily Sterbis (12th grade Big Sky) on their year-long science projects. My role is to explore with her the relationship between genetics and micromechanics in building a foundation of knowledge for understanding the drought resistance through the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana.

Autumn 2014

Wyatt Kingston, Sentinel High School, Missoula, Montana. Wyatt is working on a novel regenerative braking system for automobiles that is more or less an “air braking” system that deploys when car brakes are applied.


SEED (Summer Engineering Experience at Drexel)

Summer Mentorship Program

Summer 2004

Sally Tan, Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora, Illinois

Fahmida Shah, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina

Summer 2005

Luke Irvin, Pine Grove High School, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Mike Iannuzzi,  Springfield High School, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Dan Mattson, Glen Ellyn High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Summer 2006

George Thomas, Poquoson High School, Poquoson, Virginia

Nick Gunther,  Springfield High School, Springfiled, Pennsylvania

Poonam Sharma, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania,

Sanjay Ramdon, Saint Mary High School, Highgate PO, Saint Mary, Jamaica.

Summer 2009

Casey Maher, Penn Charter, Philadelphia, PA

Chris Jacinto, North Penn, Philadelphia, PA

Summer 2010

Shannon Sabino, Scale Model of Wind Turbine, Howell High

Roman Frederick, Scale Model of High-Fuel Efficiency Car, Southwest Accelerated Learning Acad

Timothy Hackett, Prediction of Tubulin’s modulus from Teritiary Structure, Phoenixville High

Chris Logue, Prediction of Tubulin’s modulus from Teritiary Structure, Monsignor Bonnnor High


NSF 8-12 Outreach

2014-2015 Kasey Leavell, Wind Turbine Regenerative Braking System, Sentinel High School. Used 3D printing, home-made generator, and Newtonian mechanics model to develop deployable automobile braking system. Bronze medal at Sentinel HS Science Fair. Invited to compete at Arizona State University.

2013 Developed and led an eight-week Lego MindstormsTM curriculum for local 5th graders. Twenty students participated in five teams of four to accomplish tasks such as line following, color sensing, maze solving. Students learned applied geometry and logic in addition to the motor control and sensor capabilities.

2012-2013 Emily Sterbis, Arabidopsis mechanics, Big Sky High School. Won first prize in “Intermountain Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and the title I used was "The Contribution of Cell Wall Architecture to Arabidopsis thaliana Survival in Drought." March, 2013

2012 Kaylee Peters, Arabidopsis mechanics, Kaylee began her work with my research group as a rising 9th grader under the mentorship of Sentinel High School Botany teacher Kate Dircksen. She has a general interest in biology and environmental science. She is working on developing her own hypothesis as to how understanding the genotype-phenotype relationship of structural compounds in Arabidopsis thaliana may help us to understand how plants may have to adapt to a warming global climate.

In the News

News Appearances

  1. Cited on Mountain West News for developing a multi-tiered post-secondary education structure in energy technology as part of the Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Act Community College Training Strengthening Workforce Alignment in Montana’s Manufacturing and Energy Industries. Nov 20, 2014.
  2. Interview with Bob Seidenschwarz on KGVO’s “Talk Back” Discussed global energy supply as well as opportunities to join the Energy Technology Program. Wednesday May 8, 2012.
  3. “Tim Chester builds his future in green energy” Kaimen, Wednesday October 24, 2012 by Alison Mills
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  9. “Missoula COT’s recycled parts bicycle wins at local contest” May 22, 2011 By Chelsea Moy of the Missoulian
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  11. “Bringing Dehydrated Plants 'Back to Life'” March 31, 2010 EurkaAlert article by Sophia Balcomb.  
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  15. “Drexel to Advance Nanotube Probes with $1M from Keck,” August 24th, 2007. Philadelphia Business Journal. Press coverage for recent Drexel Keck Institute recently created at Drexel University for which I serve as CO-PI.
  16. Philadelphia Fox 29. “Drexel University hosts FIRST Robotics Competition” Monday, March 27, 2006. Represented Drexel University College of Engineering on local Philadelphia TV station.
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Local Governmental Recognition

  1. Missoula College Energy Technology Program mentioned by Councilman Jason Wiener his weekly update on City Council committee work, January 20, 2015.
  2. Cited in the Notes of Testimony at the Philadelphia City Council meeting November 3, 2005 for assisting the Shaw Middle School FIRST Robotics Team in their Japan Competition.


  1. John Ruffatto Memorial Award, 2014
  2. Nominated for Professor of the Year Award by Department Chair, Thomas Gallagher, 2012.
  3. Nominated for John Ruffatto Memorial Award by University of Montana Faculty Development Coordinator, Amy Kinch 2011.
  4. Nominated for the Allen Rothwarf Award for Teaching Excellence, spring 2007 by Department Head Mun Choi.
  5. Advisor for Best Freshman Design Project, “Design of a Portable Educational Atomic Force Microscope” with Rahul Singh, Vinay Gadia, Sristi Roy, Nischitha Venkatesh, Sagar Lunagaria, Rohan Patel, Drexel University, 2005
  6. Honored by the Illinois Math and Science Academy for “Commitment to Mentoring and to the Developing Talent of Young Scientists and Engineers” April, 2005
  7. Honored with a certificate of appreciation by the School District of Philadelphia for service to the NASA Explorer School’s students, parents, staff and community, July 2005.
  8. Honored by the National Parks Service for volunteer work at the Wright Brothers Centennial Celebration, Kitty Hawk, NC, 2003.
  9. Robert M. Caddell Award for research contributions in materials manufacturing, U of M, 2001
  10. Best Solid Mechanics and Materials Poster for Graduate Symposium, U of M, 2001


  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Thompson Reuters Expert Witness
  3. International Big History Association
  4. American Society of Engineering Education
  5. American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  6. Biomedical Engineering Society
  7. IEEE-EMBS Society (Editor)
  8. Order of the Engineer
  9. World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies


  1. Kayla Nagle (pre-doctoral student)
  2. Kathleen Allen, Ph.D. (2009) National Science Foundation Fellow, Drexel University
  3. Mert Sasoglu, Ph.D. (2009), Drexel University
  4. Stephanie Sullivan, B.S. Ph.D. Candidate, Drexel University (SuperNOVA Fellow)
  5. Adam Zeiger, B.S. M.S. (2007) Department of Defense Fellow, MIT
  6. Andrew Bohl, M.S. (2010)
  7. Benjamin Legum, Ph.D. pre-candidate (2011)
  8. Michael Brent Boyd, Ph.D. pre-candidate (2012)
  9. Herb Francisco, Ph.D. pre-candidate (2012)
  10. Cameron Douglas, B.S. M.S. (2010)
  11. Steve Helms B.S. M.S. (2010)
  12. Mohammed Abba B.S. M.S. Ph.D. pre-candidate (2013)
  13. Abemelek Abay, M.S. (2010)


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  • bicycling, recycling, kayaking, sustainable energy
  • 1995 US National Rowing Team: Qualified US Quadruple Sculls for Atlanta Olympic Games
  • 1997 US National Rowing Team
  • Queen Mother Cup Champion in quadruple sculls, Henley Royal Regatta, 1995, 1997.
  • 2000 – 2003 rowing instructor for Ann Arbor Rowing Club