Christopher Moran

Christopher Moran

PhD candidate, Forest & Conservation Sciences


B.Sc. - Biology (ecology emphasis) - South Dakota State University

M.Sc. - Biological Sciences - South Dakota State University

Selected Publications

Lawrence, R.L. and C.J. Moran. 2015. The AmericaView classification methods accuracy comparison project: A rigorous approach for model selection. Remote Sensing of Environment 170: 115-120.

Moran, C.J. and M.A. Cochrane. 2012. Do mountain pine beetle outbreaks change the probability of active crown fire in lodgepole pine forests?: Comment. Ecology 93 (4): 939-941.

Cochrane, M.A.,  C. J. Moran, M. C. Wimberly, A.D. Baer, M.A. Finney, K.L. Beckendorf, J. Eidenshink, and Z. Zhu. 2012. Estimation of wildfire size and risk changes due to fuels treatments. International Journal of Wildland Fire 21 (4): 357-387.