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Past Series

The Plum Creek Distinguished Lecture Series was funded through a gift to The University of Montana from Plum Creek Timber Company in 1994. The series and the PhD fellow who coordinates the lectures, aims to attract outstanding visiting lecturers to UM to discuss relevant natural resource topics.

Past topics and speakers include:

1995: Biodiversity: Toward Operational Definitions

• Malcolm Hunter, Professor of Wildlife Biology at University of Maine
• J.P. Hamish Kimmins, Department of Forest Sciences, University of British Columbia
• F. Henry Lickers, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
• Alan Randall, Department of Agricultural Economics, Ohio State University
• Hal Salwasser, Regional Forester, Region 1 U.S. Forest Service
• Jack Ward Thomas, Chief of U.S. Forest Service

PDF of 1995 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

1996: Sustaining Natural Resources in Global Contexts

• Bill Bourgeois, Vice President, Lignum Limited
• Jaime Pinkham, President, Intertribal Timber Council
• Michael Soule, Professor Emeritus, UC Santa Cruz
• Ross. S. Whaley, President, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
• Dean Coble, Plum Creek Fellow

PDF of 1996 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

1997-98: Forestry in the 21st Century: Dealing with the Consequences of Success

• W. Daniel Edge, Association Professor, Oregon State University
• Neil Sampson, President of the Sampson Group
• Niels Elers Koch, Director General of the Danish Forest and Landscape Institute
• John Gordon, Dean, Yale School of Forestry
• Robert Seymour, Professor of Forest Resources, University of Maine
• Scott McCorquodale, Plum Creek Fellow

PDF of 1997-8 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

1999: Water in the West

• Mike Dombeck, Chief, U.S. Forest Service
• W. Alan Wentz, Group Manager for Conservation Programs, Ducks Unlimited
• Wayne Elmore, National Riparian Service Team Leader, BLM
• Denise Fort, Professor, University of New Mexico School of Law
• Charles Wilkinson, Moses Lasky Professor of Law, University of Colorado
• Jason Mouw, Plum Creek Fellow

PDF of 1999 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

2000: New Directions in Management of Forest Landscapes

• Patrick Moore, Greenspirit
• James D. Arney, Forest Biometrics
• Jonathan B. Haufler, Ecosystem Mangement Research Insititute
• Jason Mouw, Plum Creek fellow

PDF of 2000 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

2001: George Coggins, R. Max Peterson, K. Norman Johnson, Todd Bryan, George Hoberg, Maggie Shannon, Rick Stroup, Steve Daniels

2002: Living with Fire in the West

• George Gruell
• Carl Fiedler and Chuck Keegan
• Mark Brunson
• Robert Keane
• Dave Cleaves
• Erik Hakanson, Plum Creek fellow

2003: Forest Management in the United States and Canada: Prospects for Understanding

• Peter Duinker, Dalhousie University
• Harry Nelson, University of British Columbia
• Dave Jackson, University of Montana
• Carl Fiedler, University of Montana
• Mike Covey

2005: Kyoto, Forests, and Living Tree Markets: Science and Land Use Policies in Carbon Sequestration

• Tom Gower, University of Wisconsin, Madison
• Steve Running, University of Montana
• Tony Janetos, Heinz Center
• Steve Siebert, University of Montana
• Susan Capalbo, Montana State University
• John Niles, Conservation International
• Ian Noble, World Bank
• Keegan Eisenstadt, University of Montana
• Peter Koehn, University of Montana
• Charles Hall, SUNY
• Sam Stier, Plum Creek fellow

2006: James McIver, David Peterson, Deborah Martin

2009: The Economic and Ecological Implications of Biomass Utilization from Rocky Mountain Forests

2011: Observing a Changing World: the National Ecological Observatory

• David Schimel, CEO of NEON

2011: The Lungs of the Planet: A Global Initiative to Monitor the Health of the World’s Forests

• Stuart Davies, Center for Tropical Forest Science, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

2013: Clean Water Act on Trial