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The Future of Forests & Forest Management: Change, Uncertainty, and Adaptation

The Plum Creek Distinguished Lecture Series co-hosted the Northwest Scientific Association Annual Conference in March, 2014.


Plenary speaker RICHARD WARING Oregon State University Managing Forests in Continual Transition: A Challenge Calling for Interactive Models, Remote Sensing, and Field Verification
Video IconWaring Presentation Video

JANNEKE HILLE RIS LAMBERS University of Washington Implications of Climate Change for Turnover in Forest Composition: A Case Study from Mt. Rainier National Park
Video IconHille Ris Lambers  Presentation Video

JAMES LUTZ Utah State University The Value of Observation: Longitudinal Data and Ecosystem Change
Video IconLutz Presentation Video

CRYSTAL KOLDEN University of Idaho Climate Drivers of Forest Pattern: Development of Wildfire Refugia
Video IconKolden Presentation Video

JAKE VERSCHUYL National Council for Air and Stream Improvement Does Available Energy Influence Avian Response to Key Forest Stand Habitat Features?
Video IconVerschuyl Presentation Video

TRAVIS BELOTE The Wilderness Society Hedging Against an Uncertain Future: Forest Preservation and Conservation in the Anthropocene
Video IconBelote Presentation Video

DEREK CHURCHILL University of Washington Integrating Silviculture & Landscape Ecology: A Framework for Multi-Scale Forest Management
Video IconChurchill Presentation Video

HUGH SAFFORD University of California, Davis Past, Present, and Future in the Forests of California’s Sierra Nevada: Variability in Forest Response to Environmental Change, and the Role of Management in Promoting Ecosystem Resilience
Video IconSafford Presentation Video

DAVID PETERSON U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station Accelerating Climate Change Adaptation in Forest Ecosystems: Principles and Paradigm Shifts
Video IconPeterson Presentation Video

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