Past Plum Creek Lectures

The Plum Creek Distinguished Lecture Series was funded through a gift to The University of Montana from Plum Creek Timber Company in 1994. Past topics and speakers include:

1995: Biodiversity: Toward Operational Definitions

  • Malcolm Hunter, Professor of Wildlife Biology at University of Maine
  • J.P. Hamish Kimmins, Department of Forest Sciences, University of British Columbia
  • F. Henry Lickers, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
  • Alan Randall, Department of Agricultural Economics, Ohio State University
  • Hal Salwasser, Regional Forester, Region 1 U.S. Forest Service
  • Jack Ward Thomas, Chief of U.S. Forest Service

PDF of 1995 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

1996: Sustaining Natural Resources in Global Contexts

  • Bill Bourgeois, Vice President, Lignum Limited
  • Jaime Pinkham, President, Intertribal Timber Council
  • Michael Soule, Professor Emeritus, UC Santa Cruz
  • Ross. S. Whaley, President, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • Dean Coble, Plum Creek Fellow

PDF of 1996 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

1997-98: Forestry in the 21st Century: Dealing with the Consequences of Success

  • W. Daniel Edge, Associate Professor, Oregon State University
  • Neil Sampson, President of the Sampson Group
  • Niels Elers Koch, Director General of the Danish Forest and Landscape Institute
  • John Gordon, Dean, Yale School of Forestry
  • Robert Seymour, Professor of Forest Resources, University of Maine
  • Scott McCorquodale, Plum Creek Fellow

PDF of 1997-8 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

1999: Water in the West

  • Mike Dombeck, Chief, U.S. Forest Service
  • W. Alan Wentz, Group Manager for Conservation Programs, Ducks Unlimited
  • Wayne Elmore, National Riparian Service Team Leader, BLM
  • Denise Fort, Professor, University of New Mexico School of Law
  • Charles Wilkinson, Moses Lasky Professor of Law, University of Colorado
  • Jason Mouw, Plum Creek Fellow

PDF of 1999 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

2000: New Directions in Management of Forest Landscapes

  • Patrick Moore, Greenspirit
  • James D. Arney, Forest Biometrics
  • Jonathan B. Haufler, Ecosystem Mangement Research Insititute
  • Jason Mouw, Plum Creek fellow

PDF of 2000 Plum Creek Lecture proceedings

2001: Collaboration and Decision-Making on the National Forests: Can It Work?

  • George Coggins, University of Kansas School of Law
  • R. Max Peterson, U.S. Forest Service
  • K. Norman Johnson, Oregon State University
  • Todd Bryan, The Keystone Center
  • George Hoberg, University of British Columbia
  • Maggie Shannon, State University of New York
  • Rick Stroup, Montana State University
  • Steve Daniels, Utah State University

2002: Living with Fire in the West

  • George Gruell
  • Carl Fiedler and Chuck Keegan
  • Mark Brunson
  • Robert Keane
  • Dave Cleaves
  • Erik Hakanson, Plum Creek fellow

2003: Forest Management in the United States and Canada: Prospects for Understanding

  • Peter Duinker, Dalhousie University
  • Harry Nelson, University of British Columbia
  • Dave Jackson, University of Montana
  • Carl Fiedler, University of Montana
  • Mike Covey

2005: Kyoto, Forests, and Living Tree Markets: Science and Land Use Policies in Carbon Sequestration

  • Tom Gower, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Steve Running, University of Montana
  • Tony Janetos, Heinz Center
  • Steve Siebert, University of Montana
  • Susan Capalbo, Montana State University
  • John Niles, Conservation International
  • Ian Noble, World Bank
  • Keegan Eisenstadt, University of Montana
  • Peter Koehn, University of Montana
  • Charles Hall, SUNY
  • Sam Stier, Plum Creek fellow

2006: After the Next Fire: Science and the Postfire Environment

  • James McIver, Oregon State University
  • David Peterson, U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
  • Deborah Martin, U.S. Geological Survey Natural Science Research Program

2009: The Economic and Ecological Implications of Biomass Utilization from Rocky Mountain Forests

  • Elaine Oneil, University of Washington and Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials
  • Rober Rummer, Forest Operations Research to Achieve Sustainable Management
  • Andrea Colnes, Biomass Energy Research Group
  • Daniel deB Richter, Jr., Nicholas School for the Environment at Duke University

2011: Carbon-Climate Feedbacks: New Observational Constraints

  • David Schimel, CEO of National Ecological Observatory Network

2011: The Lungs of the Planet: A Global Initiative to Monitor the Health of the World’s Forests

  • Stuart Davies, Center for Tropical Forest Science, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

2012: Charles "Chip" Scott - Director of the National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Center at the U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station

2012: Jake Weltzin - Executive Director of the USA National Phenology Network

2013: Clean Water Act on Trial