Fourteen parks are included in the Park Research and Intensive Monitoring of Ecosystems Network (PRIMENet): Acadia, Big Bend, Canyonlands, Everglades, Denali, Glacier, Great Smoky Mountains, Hawaii Volcanoes, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, Sequoia-Kings Canyon, Shenandoah, Theodore Roosevelt, and Virgin Islands National Parks. These parks are representative of major ecosystem types and were chosen because of their status of Class 1 air quality parks. 

        At these sites the NPS is sponsoring air quality monitoring, including ozone, wet and dry deposition, visibility, and meteorology. 

Park Name Visibility Ozone Sulfur Dioxide Meteorology Wet Deposition Dry Deposition
ACAD x x   x x x
BIBE x x   x x x
CANY x x   x x x
DENA x x   x x x
EVER x x   x x x
GLAC x x   x x x
GRSM x x x x x x
HAVO   x x x x x
OLYM soon x x x x x
ROMO x x   x x x
SEKI x x   x x x
SHEN x x x x x x
THRO x x   x x x
VIIS x x   x x x

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