Where have all the glaciers gone?

The February issue of BioScience (53: 131 -140) magazine features an
article co-authored by USGS scientist Daniel B. Fagre (Northern Rocky
Mountain Science Center, Glacier Field Station) about "Modeled
Climate-Induced Glacier Change in Glacier National Park, 1850-2100."

Since the glaciers were first described in the mid 1800's, the glaciers have
lost significant (45-75%) area. This article discusses 2 model scenarios:
the first predicts all glaciers in the Blackfoot-Jackson basin will
disappear by the year 2030, despite predicted increases in precipitation;
under the latter, melting is slower. The second model projects vegetation
responses to variations in soil moisture and increasing temperature in a
complex alpine landscape and predicts where plant communities are likely
to be located as conditions change. Also visit