2001 PRIMENet Meeting Presentations

Air Quality Monitoring Network Updates
Kristi Morris

Are Airborne Pesticides Causing Amphibian Population Declines
in the Sierra Nevada?

David Bradford

Atmospheric Deposition to Complex Terrain: Scaling Up to the Landscape
K.C. Weathers, G.M. Lovett, S.E. Lindberg
S.M. Simkin, D.N. Lewis, K. Schwarz

Canopy transpiration of Jeffrey pine in mesic and xeric microsites:
Implications for O3 uptake

Nancy Grulke

Considerations for Continuing AQ Component of PRIMENet
Mark Scruggs

Draft Design Elements and Scientific Approach for the NPS: Air-Toxics Ecosystem Monitoring Program
Dixon H. Landers

Inferring regional patterns and responses in N and Hg biogeochemistry using gauged paired watersheds at Acadia National Park
Sarah J. Vidito

Mercury and Methylmercury Dynamics in a Pair of Watersheds
at Acadia National Park

Kenneth B. Johnson, Terry Haines, Steve Kahl, Steve Norton

National Parks Air Quality Inventory Mapping
Paul Sutton and John Ray

Natural Resource Challenge I&M Program Update
Steve Fancy

Nitrogen Deposition and UV Stressor Impacts in Canyonlands National Park
R.D. Evans, A. Pilmanis, S. Schaeffer, J. Ehleringer, S. Schwinning, R. Sanford, M. Caldwell, S. Flint, J. Belnap, S. Phillips

PRIMENet Amphibian Project
Robin Jung, Sam Droege, John Sauer

Solar Ultraviolet Monitoring Project:
Network of Brewer Spectrophotometers at 21 Sites

Jack Shreffler

Sulfur and Nitrogen Deposition Analysis Thresholds (DAT):
Overview with Research and Policy Implications

Tamara Blett

The Operation and Calibration of the UGA/NPS/EPA Brewer Network and Determination of Absolute UV Irradiance
J.E. Rives, R.S. Meltzer, M.G. Kimlin, T. Taylor, S.Zheng, A. Wilson,
N. Huang, C. Bettenhausen

Understanding variability in dissolved organic matter: A proposal for additional work in the National Parks (Part One) (Part Two)
C. M. O’Reilly and P. D. Brooks

Using Brewer Data to Help Measure Volcanic SO2 Emissions
Tamar Elias, Jeff Sutton, John Ray

Using the inter-relationships of stable isotopes in natural abundance as indicators of environmental stress and ecosystem vitality
Jonathan Comstock and John Laurence

UV Exposure Estimates at Amphibian Sites
Steve Diamond

Variability in the source, amount, and composition
of DOM: Implications for UV-B exposure in headwater aquatic ecosystems

Paul Brooks, Catherine O’Reilly, Carlie Ronca, Laura Harger, Steve Diamond, Steve Corn, Don Campbell, Kathy Tonnessen










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