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Resource Conservation Faculty

Photo of Alaback, Paul
Alaback, Paul
Professor Emeritus of Forest Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5521 | Office:

Photo of Ballantyne, Ashley
Ballantyne, Ashley
Assistant Professor of Bioclimatology
Phone: 406-243-6791 | Office: CHCB 435

Photo of Belsky, Jill M.
Belsky, Jill M.
Professor of Rural & Environmental Sociology; Director, Bolle Center for People & Forests
Phone: 406-243-4958 | Office: CHCB 410

Photo of Bosak, Keith
Bosak, Keith
Associate Professor of Nature Based Tourism and Recreation; Program Director, Parks, Tourism, & Recreation Management Major
Phone: 406-243-6062 | Office: CHCB 464

Photo of Burchfield, James
Burchfield, James
Dean of College of Forestry & Conservation; Professor of Forest Social Sciences
Phone: (406) 243-6650 | Office: Forestry 108B

Photo of Cleveland, Cory
Cleveland, Cory
Associate Professor of Terrestrial Biogeochemistry
Phone: (406) 243-6018 | Office: CHCB 423B

Photo of Larson, Andrew
Larson, Andrew
Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology
Phone: 406-243-5532 | Office: CHCB 404

Photo of Nie, Martin
Nie, Martin
Professor, Natural Resource Policy; Director-Elect, Bolle Center for People & Forests
Phone: 406-243-6795 | Office: Clapp Building #402

Photo of Patterson, Michael
Patterson, Michael
Associate Dean of College of Forestry & Conservation
Phone: 406-243-6614 | Office: FOR 109

Photo of Phear, Nicky
Phear, Nicky
Climate Change Studies Instructor and Program Coordinator
Phone: 406-243-6932 | Office: CHCB 448

Photo of Seielstad, Carl
Seielstad, Carl
Associate Research Professor; Fire/Fuels Program Manager, National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis
Phone: 406-243-6200 | Office: CHCB 439

Photo of Siebert, Stephen F.
Siebert, Stephen F.
Professor of Tropical Forest Conservation and Management
Phone: 406-243-4661 | Office: CHCB 406

Photo of Venn, Tyron
Venn, Tyron
Associate Professor of Natural Resource Economics
Phone: 406-243-6702 | Office: FOR 207A

Photo of Yung, Laurie
Yung, Laurie
Associate Professor of Natural Resource Social Science; Program Director, Resource Conservation Major
Phone: (406) 243-6934 | Office: FOR 201A