Dr. Christopher Keyes, Director

Chris has served as AFMP Director since 2007. His expertise is in silviculture and forest stand dynamics, with emphasis on natural regeneration ecology and silvicultural applications for restoring degraded forests. Chris holds an appointment as Research Associate Professor of Silviculture in the University of Montana's College of Forestry and Conservation. He previously was Assistant Professor of Silviculture at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. 

Dr. Christopher Keyes, Director

Thomas Perry, Research Forester

Tom has been AFMP Research Forester since 2009. Tom is responsible for engineering and field implementation of AFMP's projects. From developing field protocols and restoration prescriptions, marking timber, leading field crews, supervising graduate students, analyzing data and reporting project findings, Tom is involved with all levels of project design, implementation, and analysis. 

Thomas Perry, Research Forester

Dr. Woongsoon Jang, Post-doctoral scientist

Graduate students

Justin Crotteau, PhD student

Kate Clyatt, M.S. student

Katelynn Jenkins, M.S. student

Haley Anderson, M.S. student