Reforestation is a vital component of sustainable forestry and is essential to the ecological restoration of disturbed and degraded lands. Skilled natural resource professionals with expertise in forest regeneration and native plant restoration are in high demand. The AFMP Experimental Seedling Nursery helps address this concern through an applied program of forest regeneration research, training, and outreach. Sales of seedlings to conservatoin partners helps support nursery operations and activities.

The AFMP Nursery is based at Memorial Greenhouse, adjacent to the Forestry Building on the University of Montana campus. Memorial Greenhouse was constructed in 1951; it was named in tribute to the lost firefighters of the 1949 Mann Gulch Fire, six of which were University of Montana students. The 2,500 square foot greenhouse includes several bays for the potting, sowing, fertilization, and irrigation of container seedlings. Among its unique features are water-tight seedling beds for sub-irrigation, and a recessed floor tank for the propagation of fast-growing hardwood and shrub species. An attached headhouse allows for instruction and seed work.

In addition to seedlings, growing a cohort of forest regeneration stewards is a primary objective of the nursery. By providing a forum for gaining practical experience in all aspects of seedling propagation and reforestation, this unique campus asset is ideal for students pursuing careers in in forest management, wildland restoration, and international conservation and development. We also hold workshops with community youth organizations interested in reforestation, allowing us to help foster an appreciation for natural resources while communicating the role of the AFMP and the MFCES in advancing their stewardship in Montana and beyond.

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