Friends & Collaborators


Many of our research projects are done in collaboration with other groups. Several of our closest collaborators are listed below. Please visit their web sites for more information.

University of Montana

Dr. Solomon Dobrowski (CFC)
Dr. John Maron (DBS)
Dr. Ray Callaway (DBS) 
Dr. Kelsey Jencso (CFC)
Dr. Ashley Ballantyne (CFC)
Dr. Ben Colman (CFC)
Dr. Steve Running (CFC)
Henriette Lowisch (Journalism)

Beyond UM

Dr. Benjamin Turner (STRI - Panama)
Dr. Stuart Grandy (U New Hampshire)
Dr. Alan Townsend (U Colorado)
Dr. Stephen Porder (Brown University)
Dr. Benjamin Houlton (UC Davis)
Dr. Noah Fierer (U Colorado)
Dr. Sasha Reed (USGS) 
Dr. Greg Asner (Carnegie Institute)
Dr. William Wieder (NCAR)
Dr. Ylva Lekberg (MPG Ranch)

Updated 12/15/16