Pine martenNatalie Dawson, director of the Wilderness Institute, just published research showing that the elusive American pine marten might be more diverse than originally thought. The forests of northwest North America may harbor not one, but two distinct species of the mammal. Read more.

Getty Images Western larch

When it comes to carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation, we can have our cake and eat it too, says professor Andrew Larson, about his new research, highlighted in Science, on how tree density affects carbon storage.

Undergraduate student research

All of our undergraduate students are encouraged to do a senior research project if that fits in with their academic and career goals. Students will work one-on-one with a faculty mentor to design and implement a reserach project. Several of our scholarships directly support undergraduate research (Irene Evers, Philip L. Wright, Alaback and Brewer Melipal Fellowship). Our general scholarship funds can also support student research. Each year the University of Montana hosts a Conference on Undergraduate Research where students can present a poster or talk about their research findings. 

Jessica DellaRossa

Resource Conservation major Jessica DellaRossa, mentored by professor Brian Chaffin, presented her poster on "Institutional Mapping of Montana Water Law" at this year's undergraduate research conference and won first place. Last year Ecosystem Science & Restoration major Jessie Bunker also won a first place prize for his research on whitebark pine.