Deer mouse

Predicting outbreaks of zoonotic infections in reservoir hosts that live in highly fluctuating environments, such as Sin Nombre virus in deer mice, is particularly challenging. Professor Angie Luis just discovered how to make that prediction easier. Read more in this article in the journal Ecology.

Professor Ashley Ballantyne

The land’s ability to continue absorbing carbon despite forest loss, agricultural practices and spreading cities impresses professor Ashley Ballantyne. “The biosphere is remarkably resilient, even though humans are taxing it,” he says. Read more in this story in UM's research magazine.

Research in the Media

Sorry, "skeptics": Global warming may not be so great for plant life after all - The Washington Post - Steve Running's study on how climate change will affect plant growth

Soil Nutrients May Keep Plants from Slowing Down Climate Change - Nature World News - Cory Cleveland's recent study of how nitrogen limitations will reduce plant's uptake of C02

Drilling Continues on Critical Alberta Caribou Habitat Despite Recovery Deadline - HuffPost Alberta - Professors Mark Hebblewhite and Brady Allred analyzed the impact of energy development on caribou habitat in Alberta

Experts highlight importance of bike tourism to Montana economy - Missoulian - Norma Nickerson details the economic impact of bikers to Montana 

Pine Beetle Epidemic - National Geographic - Professor Diana Six leads readers into an exploration of the tiny beetle that is changing western forests