Current Courses

WILD 470 - Conservation of Wildlife Populations

Conservation of Wildlife Populations explores the application of population ecology principles and theory to the conservation and management of wildlife populations. I teach this course during fall semesters annually.

WILD 491 - Ecology of Infectious Diseases

In this course, we will take an ecological approach to understand infectious disease. We will examine how diseases spread through time and space, and examine mathematical models of disease spread and their usefulness in control strategies. This course is taught spring semester. Download a syllabus.

WILD 595 - Theoretical Ecology

In this course, students will get hands-on experience with a range of ecological models. The course is meant to provide students with a broad toolbox of modeling approaches. It is a mixture of lectures, labs in R, reading and discussing theoretical literature, and will culminate with student projects modeling some aspect of their research system. This course is taught spring semester even years. Download a syllabus.

WILD 595 - Communicating Science

Students will get hands-on practice communicating their science to diverse audiences in various ways, including elevator pitches, talking to the media, oral and poster presentations. Topics to be covered will include avoiding jargon, knowing your audience, narrative, distilling your message, and effective use of figures. This course is taught spring semester odd years. Download a flyer about this class.