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Charcoal and fire history data analysis

  • CharAnalysis is a program for analyzing sediment-charcoal records with the goal of peak-detection to reconstruct "local" fire history.
  • Weibull likelihood-ratio test statistically compares distributions of fire return intervals using maximum-likelihood estimates of Weibull models and a likelihood-ratio test.

Chronology development for continuous sediment records

  • CRSModel calculates sample ages and error estimates based on 210Pb measurement and the assumptions of the Constant Rate of Supply model. The program also produces a spline-based chronology with confidence windows. Calculations follow Binford 1990 (Calculation and uncertainty analysis of 210Pb dates for PIRLA project lake sediment cores. Journal of Paleolimnology, 3: 253-267.)
  • MCAgeDepth fits calibrated 14C dates and 210Pb dates with a spline-based age-depth model and generates confidence intervals based on Monte Carlo resampling of the original dates. For each Monte Carlo resampling, the age of each sample is picked randomly from the PDF of the calibrated age. In the case of 14C dates, this avoids having to select a single age for each date.