Selected Publications

Winter color polymorphisms identify global hot spots for evolutionary rescue from climate change - Science - L. Scott Mills, Professor of Wildlife Biology and Associate Vice President of Research for Global Change and Sustainability

TerraClimate, a high-resolution global dataset of monthly climate and climatic water balance from 1958-2015 - Scientific Data - Solomon Dobrowski and alumnus Sean Parks

Can sheep control invasive forbs without compromising efforts to restore native plants? - Rangeland Ecology and Management - Cara Nelson and alumna Eva Masin

Vertical distribution of foliar biomass in western larch (Larix occidentalis) - Canadian Journal of Forest ResearchDavid Affleck

Evidence for declining forest resilience to wildfires under climate change Ecology Letters - Philip Higuera

Public Engagement in Social-Ecological Systems Management: An Application of Social Justice Theory - Society & Natural Resources - Alex Metcalf, Libby Metcalf

Public wildlife management on private lands: Reciprocity, population status, and stakeholders' normative beliefs - Human Dimensions of Wildlife - Alex Metcalf, Libby Metcalf

Generalized spatial mark-resight models with an application to grizzly bears - Journal of Applied Ecology - Mark Hebblewhite

Historical biogeography sets the foundation for contemporary conservation of martens (genus Martes) in northwestern North America - Journal of Mammology - Natalie Dawson

Competition alters tree growth responses to climate at individual and stand scales - Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Andrew Larson

Accelerating net terrestrial carbon uptake during the warming hiatus due to reduced respiration - Nature Climate Change - Ashley Ballantyne, Steve Running

Plant-soil feedbacks and mycorrhizal type influence temperate forest population dynamics - Science - Ylva Lekberg

Climate change velocity underestimates climate change exposure in mountainous regions - Nature Communications - Solomon Dobrowski

Post-fire morel (Morchella) mushroom abundance, spatial structure, and harvest sustainability - Forest Ecology and Management - Andrew Larson

Development and validation of fuel height models for terrestrial lidar - International Journal of Wildland Fire - Carl Seielstad

Understanding leadership in a world of shared problems: advancing network governance in large landscape conservation - Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment - Jenn Thomsen

Ecology for the shrinking city - BioScience - Brian Chaffin

Novel ophiostomatalean fungi from galleries of Cyrtogenius africus (Scolytinae) infesting dying Euphorbia ingens - Antonie van Leeuwenhoek - Diana Six

Motivations of female Black Hills deer hunters - Human Dimensions of Wildlife - Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf

Behavioural flexibility in migratory behaviour in a long-lived large herbivore - Journal of Animal Ecology - Mark Hebblewhite

Making decisions about forestland succession: Perspectives from Pennsylvania's private forest landowners - Society & Natural Resources - Alex Metcalf

Phytotoxicity of soluble graphitic nanofibers to model plant species - Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - Ben Colman

The Science of Firescapes: Achieving Fire-Resilient CommunitiesBioScience - Phil Higuera and LLoyd Queen

Informing conservation by identifying range shift patterns across breeding habitats and migration strategies - Biodiversity and Conservation - Brady Allred

Examining temporal sample scale and model choice with spatial capture-recapture models in the common leopard Panthera pardus - PLOSOne - Joshua Goldberg, Tshering Tempa, Mark Hebblewhite, Paul Lukacs

Wildland fire deficit and surplus in the western United States, 1984-2012 - ESA Ecosphere - Solomon Dobrowski

Large divergence of satellite and Earth system model estimates of global terrestrial C02 fertilization - Nature Climate Change - Cory ClevelandAshley BallantyneSteve Running

Tropical nighttime warming as a dominant driver of variability in the terrestrial carbon sink - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - Ashley Ballantyne A new study coauthored by professor Ashley Ballantyne suggests that hotter nights might weild more influence than previously thought over the planet's atmosphere as global temperatures rise. This could lead to more carbon in the atmosphere. Read more. (Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Dec. 7, 2015)

Smartphone applications for data collection, dynamic modeling, and visualization in the wildland fire environment (pdf) - Fire Management Today - Jim Riddering

Are sustainable tourists a higher spending market? in Tourism Management, Dec. 2015 by Norma NickersonJake Jorgenson and coauthor

Historical spatial patterns and contemporary tree mortality in dry mixed-conifer forests in Forest Ecology and Management by graduate students Kate A. Clyatt, Justin S. Crotteau, Michael S. Schaedel, Haley L. Wiggins, Harold Kelly (former undergrad student), Derek J. Churchill and Andrew J. Larson. Nov. 2015.

Spatial aspects of tree mortality strongly differ between young and old-growth forests in Ecology, Nov. 2015 by Andrew Larson.

Network analysis of host-virus communities in bats and rodents reveals determinants of cross-species transmission in Ecology Letters, Aug. 2015, by Angela Luis

Suitable Days for Plant Growth Disappear under Projected Climate Change: Potential Human and Biotic Vulnerability in PLOS Biology, June 2015. Steve Running

Ecosystem services lost to oil and gas in North America in Science, April 24, 2015. Brady AllredDave NaugleSteve Running

Forest structure and species traits mediate projected recruitment declines in western US tree species in Global Ecology and Biogeography, April 2015. Solomon Dobrowski

Network analysis of host-virus communities in bats and rodents reveals determinants of cross-species transmission in Ecology Letters, Aug. 2015, by Angela Luis

Environmental fluctuations lead to predictability in Sin Nombre hantavirus outbreaks in Ecology, June 2015. Angie Luis

Tree survival scales to community-level effects following mixed severity fire in a mixed conifer forest in Forest Ecology and Management, June 2015. Andrew Larson

Suitable Days for Plant Growth Disappear under Projected Climate Change: Potential Human and Biotic Vulnerability in PLOS Biology, June 2015. Steve Running

Resource selection and connectivity reveal conservation challenges for reintroduced brown bears in the Italian Alps in Biological Conservation, June 2015. Mark Hebblewhite

A comparison of plot-based satellite and Earth system model estimates of tropical forest net primary production in Global Biogeochemical Cycles, May 2015. Cory Cleveland

Scientific tourism and sustainable development in the Aysen region of Chile, a chapter in in Scientific Tourism: Researchers as Travellers by Susan Slocum, Carol Kline, Andrew Holden published by Routledge, May 2015. Keith Bosak

Effects of recent decreases in arctic sea ice on an ice-associated marine bird in Progress in Oceanography, May 2015. Paul Lukacs

Does Whirling Disease Mediate Hybridization between a Native and Nonnative Trout? in North American Journal of Fisheries Management, April 2015. Lisa Eby and doctoral student Kellie Carim

Audit of the global carbon budget: estimate erros and their impact on uptake uncertainty in Biogeosciences, April 2015. Ashley Ballantyne

Situating adaptation: how governance challenges and perceptions of uncertainty influence adaptation in the Rocky Mountains in Regional Environmental Change, April 2015. Laurie Yung

Forest structure and species traits mediate projected recruitment declines in western US tree species in Global Ecology and Biogeography, April 2015. Solomon Dobrowski

Geotourism and Sustainability as a Business Mindset in Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, April 2015. Norma Nickerson and doctoral student Jake Jorgenson.

Ecosystem services lost to oil and gas in North America in Science, April 24, 2015. Brady AllredDave NaugleSteve Running

Future productivity and carbon storage limited by terrestrial nutrient availability in Nature Geoscience, April 20, 2015. Cory Cleveland

Changes in Rodent Abundance and Weather Conditions Potentially Drive Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Outbreaks in Xi'an, China, 2005-2012 in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, March 2015. Angie Luis

The role of trust in restoration success: public engagement and temporal and spatial scale in a complex social-ecological system in Restoration Ecology. March 2015. Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf and Laurie Yung

Managed fuelwood harvesting for energy, income and conservation: An opportunity for Bhutan in Biomass and Bioenergy, March 2015. Jill Belsky and Steve Siebert

Conifer crown profile models from terrestrial laser scanning in Silva Fennica, Feb. 2015. Carl Seielstad and David Affleck

Who is a "real woman"? Empowerment and the discourse of respectability in Namibia's Zambezi region in Women's Studies International Forum, Jan. 2015. Wayne Freimund and doctoral student Kathryn Khumalo

Understanding Hunting Constraints and Negotiation Strategies: A Typology of Female Hunters in Human Dimensions of Wildlife: An International Journal, Jan. 2015. Libby Metcalf

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