Advising for Forestry Majors

You have two primary advising resources:

  • Shonna Trowbridge is your academic advisor and can assist with degree planning and class scheduling/sequencing
  • Your faculty advisor is a resource for information and advice on degree options, elective courses, job opportunities, internships, and career interests, and more

Summer jobs and career opportunities

Visit the FCFC Jobs Page and get yourself registered with Handshake to check out the federal jobs available for summer 2019.

CFC student clubs

You and your peers make the Forestry Club, the Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters, the Fire Club, the Woodsmen’s Team, the Foresters’ Ball Committee, and other student organizations run – check them out.

Prevention Education Programs

These programs include PETSA, AlcoholEdu, Freshman Bystander, and Haven Plus.  Not completing the online programs can result in a registration hold.  You can check for holds in CyberBear on your student profile page (top right hand side).

Forestry Curriculum & FCFC Course Updates

Course scheduling/substitution news for Fall 2019

  • NRSM 426 Climate and Society (offered Fall 2019, not spring 2020)
  • NRSM 427 Advanced Water Policy (offered Fall 2019, not spring 2020)
  • PTRM 141 National Parks (offered Fall 2019 and spring 2020)
  • FORS434 Advanced Roads (not offered Fall 2019 – next offering is Fall 2020)

View the Forestry Curriculum (4 year plan) (pdf)

Advanced Harvesting & Silviculture Courses

Both Advanced Timber Harvesting (FORS435) and Advanced Silviculture (FORS491) will be offered in Fall 2019.   Also, they have been scheduled specifically to allow students to take both concurrently – some weeks will have a FORS435 lab, some a FORS491 lab, and in other weeks the two classes may co-convene.  So while they appear to conflict in the system, if you want to take both classes simply contact either of the instructors and they can over-ride the system.

FORS434 Advanced Roads will be offered in Fall 2020 (and every even year).

Northern Rockies Outdoor Leadership Certificate

The Northern Rockies Outdoor Leadership Certificate is a new FCFC program to provide students with leadership training in any professional, academic, and personal setting in their future. The certificate is open to all majors and requires 15 credit hours with course choices in leadership theory, outdoor recreation activity, certifications related to outdoor leadership, and field courses that involve application of the leadership theory and training. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Jenn Thomsen at

Summer Courses

Fall Registration Planning

  1. Get to your Student Profile page in CyberBear
  2. Check for holds in the top-right corner
  3. Hit the left-panel link for “Registration” and then the link for “Plan Ahead”
    • Make a new plan and browse/add courses
    • Always use the “View section” button to view and add courses
    • Save your plan when it’s complete
  4. Once registration is open, use the same “Registration” link, but then go to “Register for Classes” and retrieve your saved plan

Other key links:

  • Open the General Education page to review requirements and options
  • Interested in a minor? Use the “What if?” feature in DegreeWorks
  • Check the registration schedule for your first opportunity to enroll