CFC Scholarships 2014-2015

Each year the college awards more than 70 scholarships to students enrolled in one of our five majors. Former students and professors, friends and family members of alumni, and people wishing to conserve natural resources have all contributed funds to support this broad list of scholarships. Many of these scholarships look at more than academic merit as criteria for award; donors set specifications for scholarships to best meet either the memory of their loved one or their own conservation and education goals.

When you submit your CFC scholarship application you will be considered for all scholarships that you are eligible to receive. Donors determine the criteria for each scholarship and these criteria vary greatly. 


You must be enrolled in one of the five majors of the College of Forestry and Conservation to receive one of the CFC scholarships. Scholarships are paid at the rate of one-half the total amount each term. The amount appears as a credit against tuition on the fee statement you receive after registration. Funds may be revoked if you do not remain in good standing, are not enrolled full time for the term(s), or you change to a major not approved for their specific scholarship or outside of the College of Forestry and Conservation. Generally, scholarships are for one year only.

Helpful Tips

You may want to look at the Award Descriptions of each scholarship before you apply. Some donors have asked that recipients of their scholarship meet specific criteria. There may be some required criteria that you may not otherwise think to include in your application. 

The College of Forestry and Conservation Scholarship Committee will review all applications, including each applicant’s academic transcript. Each applicant will receive an email letting you know if you received a scholarship. All correspondence regarding your scholarship status will come to the email address you provide in your application so please make sure this address is spelled correctly and that it is an account you check often. Scholarships and awards will be announced at the College of Forestry and Conservation Awards Reception (usually held in April). Current student scholarship winners are requested to attend this reception.

Deadline: Applications are no longer being accepted.

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