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College of Forestry and Conservation

Current Lab Group

Ryan BracewellRyan Bracewell 

PhD Dissertation title: Coevolution and cospeciation between Dendroctonus bark beetles and their symbiotic fungi

Edith DooleyEdith Dooley

MS thesis title: The effects of tree host species and white pine blister rust on mountain pine beetle productivity

Theresa DahlTheresa Dahl

PhD dissertation title: Competition and coexistence between two fungal symbionts of the mountain pine beetle: Understanding resource use within a multipartite mutualism


Melissa MooreMelissa Moore

MS thesis title: Temperature effects on the mountain pine beetle mutualistic fungi, Grosmannia clavigera and Ophiostoma montium


Johan Vanderlinde

MS thesis title: Investigations into the factors associated with the decline of Euphorbia ingens in the Limpopo province of South Africa