FORS 130

Camp weekend at Lubrecht

Saturday sessions:

  • Forest Diagnostics with professor Chris Keyes
  • Wood Utilization with professor Ed Burke (at the sawmill)
  • Timber Harvesting and Roads with professor Beth Dodson
  • Forestry Hydrology and Soils with professor Kelsey Jencso

Sunday sessions:

  • Forest Ecology with professor Andrew Larson
  • Fire and Fuels with professor LLoyd Queen and researcher Valentijn Hoff
  • Overview of Lubrecht
  • Forest Measurement Orienteering course

Photos of Lubrecht weekend

FORS 130 - Forestry Field Skills

This new two-credit course helps freshmen-level students learn introductory forestry field skills through experiential learning at the college’s Lubrecht Experimental Forest. Classroom lecture and experiences introduce students to orienteering, map reading, GPS, tree measurements, fire and fuels management, recreation, human dimensions, hydrology, wood products, and the careers possible with a Forestry degree.