Resource Conservation

Address Real World Environmental Challenges

The B.S. in Resource Conservation provides students with the breadth and depth to tackle contemporary natural resource and conservation challenges.  The Resource Conservation major integrates natural and social sciences with hands-on learning to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills for a range of professions.  The major is structured so that students have the flexibility to design their own area of emphasis based on their academic interests and professional goals.  Within the major, students can emphasize climate and environmental change, community conservation and sustainable livelihoods, ecology of terrestrial ecosystems, environmental policy, international conservation, natural resource economics, range management and grassland ecology, watershed hydrology, wilderness studies, or wildland fire management.  Resource Conservation students can also work with faculty advisors to design their own program of study.  

Featured Content

Resource Conservation major Hope Radford will travel to Arizona as a Udall Scholar to meet with environmental policymakers.

Alum Eric Rasmussen studies bird breeding and migration at the MPG Ranch in the Bitterroot Valley. 

Resource Conservation major Louie Shahan documenting lynx tracks during a winter internship in the Swan Valley.